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name: Steffen Seth Prohn
current residence: Düsseldorf, Germany
occupation: designer, photographer, writer

contact: e-mail: Seth@tsubaka.com
ICQ: 209458501 | MSN: tsubaka_@hotmail.com
Skype: masafaka.ddrs | Jabber: tsubaka@ddrs.de
Yahoo: tsubakadotcom | AIM: tsubakadotcom
web presences: tsubaka.com | DoctrineDesigns.com
deviantART | Flickr | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace | Last.fm

short bio
born april 1985, Rostock, germany
till 2004 high school in Ribnitz-Damgarten
2004-2007 academic education as a general designer in Düren
2006 two months assistant for photographer Wolfgang Schwager in Aachen
2007-2008 German Red Cross
since 2008 freelancing as designer and photographer
2009 general designer in a consulting firm in Grevenbroich
2010 photographer and web designer in a portrait studio in Düsseldorf
2011 web designer in an advertising agency in Ratingen

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