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8106 › 7 reasons why Mirror’s Edge kicks ass
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1. the whole game seems to be all of a piece:
the optics, the level design, the score, the cartoon cut scenes,… –
everything fits perfectly together. it’s probably the best designed
game i’ve ever played!

2. a smooth gameplay.
yes, it really plays as smooth as it looks like. sure, it has some
typical ego-shooter-like flaws, but one in all it plays extremely
‘solvent’, and by this it reminds me of Assassin’s Creed

3. everything is like the publisher promised.
i mean heyh, how often happens this? they did not promis us anything we
wouldn’t get from the actual game. man, i could list dozens of highly
disappointing titles…

4. the score is awesome. yeah, maybe not the soundtrack – Still Alive is a bit too ‘plain’ for my taste. but the actual score, mainly consisting of downtempo and ambient electro, is simply cool.

5. non-stop action.
throughout the whole game. it just won’t stop. and keeps you sticked to
your keyboard until the game is over. and this will happen much too
fast because of this stickyness.

6. the style.
in general. i already mentioned it is well designed. hence the style of
the game is purely amazing. i love those bright and stylized optics.
everything looks cool, the light effects work perfectly together with
the textures. the menu fits to the actual game, the color scheme is
amazing. red on white, that’s the spot!

7. the interface.
well, actually there is no real HUD. but you can read the ‘meta’ you
see. the saturation gives you a clue on your energy, the blur effects
about your current speed. and there is no interface that shows you how
much ammo you have left in your gun. no need for it. and there is also
no radar, because the level itself works with its color scheme as some
sort of a radar! and this actually works surprisingly well. if you are
stucked, just look out for something red. your Runner instincts are

so: go buy it. or download it.
it will be one of the best titles for 2009

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