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Fuel game review

first of all: DON’T PLAY IT! it’s crap!

seriously,  they have done so much wrong with it. basically it’s nice idea for a game and some aspects are quite positive! but they fucked up the two major points of a game: 1. the graphics and 2. the gameplay.

1. okay, to be fair: the graphics look good. but the PC port is not done well. it eats system resources for breakfast, and run slow from time to time. on the XBOX that may not a point against the game.

2. it is boring as hell. the enviroment is really big, maybe the biggest open world you have ever seen in a game! but very uninspired. what isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you go with it and just accept it. but they races themself feel exactly like you are driving on your own through this world. and this is really boring. i needed some time to be able to put a finger WHY this is the case…

i have read that the AI lets you win quite often, meaning they are ridiculously fast during the game, but slow down to the end only to let you win. i am now at ~50% of the game and well, i can’t guarantee that is is right, but in many cases this seemed to be true. sadly enough.
the AI isn’t very clever at all. sometimes the enemies just drive straight into an object, as if it were intended, and then aren’t able to free themself. kinda looks like they don’t realize there is an object in the way.

the collision detection is a joke, as well as the physics. it is really difficult from time to time jsut to drive through some woods or wavy areal when you don’t know what to expect your vehicle to react on certain impacts. needs you some time to get used to the strange physics…

there are dozens of unlockables, but most of them aren’t worth the effort.
sometimes you need 20~30 minutes just to get to the top of a mountain, only to obtain a stupid shirt that you will never wear because it looks stupid, and even if you wear it you won’t get to look at it very often, because every second vehicle is a closed one, like trucks or cars. and there are so many clothes, it doesn’t make much sense to makes them so hard to obtain, because you can’t wear all of them anyways. when you wear throughout the game like 4 or 5 clothes (and this is a really generous perception), does it make much sense to spend like 5 hours to get all the others?? i certainly don’t think so.

but to my surprise there was – yet – ONE race that stuck out of the others really hard.
it is a race in which several tornadoes haunt the track!

this was such a great idea – it’s thrilling!
you drive against the others and you see some hundred meters before you a big tornado, destroying some houses and big some power poles that crash onto the street. you drive in contant fear of getting sucked in the twister, but you have to try to ignore the things in order to win. and dozens of other cars are thrown over the track, awesome! right next to the track a house gets sucked into the air, piece by piece.

this race is so aweseom, the idea behind it is sooo cool.
i have NO IDEA why this race even exists, because it is nothing like the rest of the game.
i haven’t played ALL races, so there is still hope for me that some races have something special like that, too. but up to now i can say that every other race was simply boring, driving from A to B, or race in a circle. *sigh*

so, do i recommend this game to you? definitely not.
it may look good and has some impressive open area with really beautiful views (and one cool race). but it is boring as shit. that sums it up quite well. go with it, bye.

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