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Game Agenda 2009

well, here’s a list of game i currently play, games i want to play and games i might will play at some point.
if you think i should play another one i did not mention please let me know.

EDIT090913: i gave up updating this list several months ago, because i totally forgot about it and couldn’t remember what i played…

Alone in the Dark (PC)

mh… COULD get interesting. i was looking forward for such an inventory for YEARS now

Bully (PC) [finished]

still don’t know if i should play this on PS2 or on PC… have heard
and seen bad things about this game on PC, but have already downloaded
it and a copy for PS2 would cost me too much money… mh we’ll see
stopped at 96.*% because the rest was way too stupid to archieve and i
did not want to waste that much time (<- a rare thought by me)

Burnout Paradise (PC) [finished]

i could not decide whether to play the newest NFS or Midnight Club LA
(and because i don’t had the money) i decided to play Burnout instead.
stopped at 97%

Call of Duty: World at War (PC) [finished]

i just love the storytelling of the CoD series and am looking forward to play the next installment
EDIT: well, wasn’t as good as its prior installments, but still quite enjoyable

Dead Space (PC) [finished]

looks veeeery good. i will keep this one for a time when i need a game with >>gameplay deepness<<
edit: one playthrough, that’s enough. the game was great, but the end boss was disappointing as hell.

Diablo II (PC) [finished]

i am currently playing this with a friend in coop. we play this casually
EDIT: i also started several single player walkthroughs.
finished it 2 times in march and starting a second coop walkthrough
with another friend (yes, i’ll play two different games parallely then

Fallout 3 (PC) [cancelled]

i am looking forward for this game, because STALKER was great and also
bad at the same time – and Fallout is more “my thing” (sci-fi and so
on) and does not have all those shitty story-stopper bugs that STALKER
EDIT: the gameplay is horrible… and sometimes you search
around for HOURS without finding anything usefull… i stopped playing
it after ~10 hours

Fatal Frame series (PS2) [cancelled]

am currently playing the first installment. it is… okay. MAYBE i play
the other ones (Fatal Frame 2 is already in my possession)

Half Life 2: Episode 3 (PC)

when does it finally come out??

Left4Dead (PC)

depends on if a can get a crack for it…

Midnight Club LA (PS3)

looks quite good i thing. the soundtrack is good, too. maybe i will play this on PS3 instead of NFSUC

Mirrors Edge (PC) [finished]

nearly forgot about this game. parcours rocks XD
edit: oh yeah, i did hit the 100%

NFS Undercover (PS3/PC)

mh, i don’t really know about this one… i don’t really want to play a NFS game every goddamn year. i tend to play MCLA instead

RC Revenge Pro (PS2)

i wanted to play the sequel to “Re-Volt” for SO long

Oni (PS2) [finished]

this is sooo cool. bought a second hand PS2 version 2 weeks ago and i
am playing this casually. it’s hard as hell, so i don’t know if i will
give the hard mode a try after finishing the medium difficult mode.
edit: did not give it a second try in hard mode. was too boring after all.

Prince of Persia 7 (PS3/PC) [finished]

i am positive that the new installment of this series will be good.
was quite cool… nothing too special, it’s PoP anyways. but wished
there were more unlockables. getting all the 1001 light seeds wasn’t
worth getting them…

Secret of Mana (SNES)

am playing a hacked version with my brother for some months now and it
seems like we will need some more months to finish it again. “Hard
Secret of Mana” is the name of this hack and the name is what you
actually get: it is hard es hell Oo

Silent Hill 5 (PC/PS3)

holy shit i can’t wait, i can’t wait, i can’t wait. on what do i play it? PC or PS3??

Siren series (PS2/3)

third game of this series looks really cool, so i want to play the
first two first… but my PS2 can’t play the first one, so i first have
to buy a new PS2… god knows when this will be.

Super Metroid (SNES) [finished]

haven’t played it for a long time and just wanted this ol’ Symphony of the Night feeling back, without playing SofN

XD (didn’t work, but Super Metroid is a cool game)

Tension (PC)

depends if i can get a copy of this game (*secretly looks at Andrew*)

Tekken 6 (PS3)

well, why not.

The Witcher – Expansion Packs 1+2 (PC) [finished]

just finished the normal game and will play the expansions immediately.

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