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Game Agenda 2010

okay, my last agenda (for 2009) kinda got outa control somewhen during summer, so i keep this one short and will not try to update it regulary.

what i am really waiting for to play
surprisingly those are only 3 titles this year which i can barely wait for. during the last few years i could usually count up to 10 titles i seriously wanted to play, but not this year… not a good premise for the gaming year of 2010, is it?
so, what i am really looking up for are Mirror’s Edge 2, Assassin’s Creed 2 and BioShock 2. see a sheme here? everyone is a sequel. and all come out in january or february. yet again, not a good premise… and the only reason i am waiting for those three is that the first installments of each define my favorite games from 2009

what i might want to play, if possible
of the release date of some titles i am still not quite sure, so i don’t know if to out it on this agenda. for example what about Mass Effect 2? or Diablo 3? i would even like to play Modern Warfare 3, if possible, but after MW2 i am not that exited as i were for MW2…
then there is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. as this is a PS2 game i will have to track down a cheap copy first. god knows how long this will take…
i bought me Siren Blood Curse, because it looks awesome. but i want to play the two prequels first. i have the first one already here, and if it’s a good play i will go for the second afterwards, but i have to get me a copy first. i personally hope that the first doesn’t impress me and i can skip right to Blood Curse, haha XD

what i always wanted to play
there still are some titles which i wanted to play for quite some time, but never really did. like Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Shen Mue, Zelda for the Wii, RC Revenge Pro or Metroid Prime. pretty much depends on each title, but basically i have to track down a cheap copy first, or in many cases have to obtain the console first!! as this could get really expensive i still don’t know when this will happen, but i am sure about all of them: i WILL play them! some day.

what i might come back to
shame on me, i have dropped some really good games this year, somewhere through gameplay. i do this from time to time, does not even matter how good the game is, and i hate me for it. but anyways, i will at least keep those titles in mind and hope to come back to them when i can encurage me to.
they include titles like Afrika / Hakuna Matata, Psychonauts, Diablo 2, Odin Sphere, Rama, and i bet i already forgot some others… >_<

what i am currently at
only yesterday i started playing Borderlands with my brother, and so far it’s really good! we might want to play it for some more months. after that, we’ll see. most probably get back again on Seiken Densetsu 3 / Secret of Mana 2 (because we just finished Hard Secret of Mana). during the holidays i finished Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex and Star Wars Racer: Revenge, which i most probably will play to a 100%, even though both are shitty as hell. why? because i can.
then there is the first installment of Siren, which i want to play ahead of the two sequels.

to sum up
2010 doesn’t look that promising. i guess i will have to pay a lot of money in order to play some of those titles.
i will keep you up to date via twitter, and if i play something so shameful that i don’t talk about it, you can at least see it on my myspace profil what i am playing XD

EDIT: i welcome every suggestion or recommendation! please leave a comment or message me directly if you have a good idea about what to play next year.

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