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give me a minute to bitch about Batman: Arkham Asylum.

it still is a really good game and i recommend it to everyone of you.
i found it typical easy, and got no problems on my first run-through on normal mode. but, as you may have noticed by my past few twits, there is one particular thing that drives me crazy: the Combat Challenges!!

why? because i find them ridiculously HARD. i consider the possibility that i miss something really important here, so maybe it’s just my own stupidity that keeps me from completing it as easy as it should be. is there a move i totally forgot about? anything??

anyways. i still want to beat the game with a 100%. still on normal mode. everything was easy, but the Combat Challenges. i was stuck at ~94% when i realised it is way too hard. so i started training and played it a lot and am now at amazingly 99%. the only thing left i have to accomplish is a score of 50.000 points on Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme). right now my highscore is 43.000-something.

and now, let me bitch about why i personally think this was fucked up by the game creators and should not be even close this hard:
the gameplay is very easy and well thought, but it is not meant for a great amount of enemies. one can with a LITTLE bit of practice easily beat up 5~8 enemies at a time, with one single combo and without taking a hit. that’s totally doable. but with the combat challenges the creators thought it to be a great idea to enhance difficulty by increasing the number of enemies you have to encounter at a time by a multiple of holy-shit-are-you-kiddin-me?! fighting against like 20 enemies, including every normal enemy that was in the game, and even some of the midbosses (namingly the big titan ones).
the gameplay is sadly enough not really made compatible with selecting specific enemies out of a bunch of dudes. you well have to just click and see which enemie Batman decides to attack. you can steer him a bit into the right direction, but if you’re surrounded by 20 enemies you have 5 in each direction, making it impossible to choose one particular individuum to attack. but in the later combat challenges it is neccessarily to choose specific threats.
there are for example the knife guys, which you first have to stun. the electro dudes you have to jump over. and evading onrunning titans is a pain in the ass. doing all this while fighting 20 guys, without being able to selecting particular enemies?? that requires way too much LUCK. yes, you are depended on your luck. and that is bullshit.
it is so stupid when you play like perfectly, and than the control fucks you up by doing something that you was not intended to. like attacking the wrong guy, then another wrong again, and another one and BAMM you were hit and your combo stopped. beatin the highscore is immpossible when at round one and three your perfect combo is interrupted.

and if this wasn’t already enough, enemies start to pick up things and throw them at you. or even worse: they grab a gun and fucking shoot at you. the game is fair enough to warn you about the gun-thingie, but if you sense that an enimy is picking up one, it can be impossible to reach him before he shoots you and ends your combo. because you cannot fight through all the enimies in the order you would have to in order to reach that gun guy by time. and that is bullshit.
IF they would have build a system to quick focus on enemies, that all would have made much more sense and wouldn’t be that ridiculously hard.
i still want to beat the 100%, because i am SO CLOSE to accomplishing it. but i am well aware, that LUCK has to be on my side on my final run.

and what is with the guns anyways? have the creators ever watched something about Batman or read any comic?? he is fucking invulnerable of taking any damage by normal bullets, because he wears a fucking bullet proof suit!! even through the game it always bothered me that he is wearing his bullet proof west in all, but that doesn’t make any sense if they hurt him anyway. he could fight NAKED, and the result would have been the same.
so, in the combat, were the gun shooting enemies cut off your combos, this is what bothers me even more.
especially considering that you fight in the special armor suit!! that thing looks like Batman is wearing a fucking tank. he is wearing hard metal, and the enemies should destroy their own fists by hitting the Batman. but no, they still hurt him. not as much as with the normal suit, but still ridiculously bad. but with the bullets… the amored suit doesn’t to shit against them. nothing at all. that’s bullshit, i hate it.

still i am going to beat this fucking game with a 100% score. it’s only 7.000 points more. that’s totally doable.

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