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so i recently finished the second game of this series.
and yeah, i was totally surprised how deep it got. even deeper than the first game. and even more suprisingly it was hell of a depressing game!
which i liked… a lot.

i mean, the deeper a game is, the more impact does it have. if you really feel FOR a fictional characters, that means the medium has worked well. and ME2 did this extremely well.
and some point i even FEARED about possible happenings. i began to consider my ingame choices very carefully, always being afraid i could harm the persons i like the most. that’s how deep it got me. and what an accomplishment for a game that is!

i don’t really get why they choosed such a depressive direction in the story arc. nearly everything seemed to have a very melancholic aftertaste. the main story was kinda short – i bet one could play it in 10 hours through. but the side missions are what make the game so BROAD.
and those may have been very one-sided (regarding the storytelling), but ALWAYS invovled a big blow of fate to the crewmember to which the mission was connected. most of them contained dying or now-dead family members, and quite often letting you to choose if he or she should live or not, which is quite harsh after the first few times! Oo

especially with the characters from the first game this happened to become a very delicate matter. because you already had like 50 to 100 ingame hours to spend and bond with them. and now to be part of such heart-changing points of their lifes and even participating in their decisions, has become a difficult thing for me (the player), because the pressure is just a lot stronger now.

(semi-spoiler begin here)
the first deep impression i got was when i first met Liara again – my love interested from the first installment. hell was I, as the player, lucky to see her again. and my Shepard did exactly what i would have done – what a deep feeling that gave me… i was nearly in tears by that point, already!
extremely heartwarming was how much you could actually bond to Tali this time. i mean i always had the deepest feelings for her, but… yeah, you know, as a quarian a love relationship is nearly out of the question. after the first game i kinda got used to not being able to get what i REALLY wanted, and afterwards fall in love with Liara – but Tali always had a special place in my heart. anyways, dealing with her problems on the flotilla was a very important thing for me; and the best part of the game!
so after Liara decided not to come along i kinda felt alone again, more bonded to Tali then before, but still there was this big emptiness.
and along came Thane.
his special condition may have caught my interested (plus he is extremely cool!!), because his fate of dying on a short term (of a few years only) had a strange relation to my characters emptiness. so he became my love interest. but i don’t think this would have been possible to me if i hadn’t known about his condition… maybe it was this urge to give him a nice few last months alife, or that i couldn’t do much wrong with him, or that he was as broken as i was. dunno.

(uber-spoiler begin here)
the end seemed kinda rushed to me. like they only wanted to throw random deaths into the storyline and just finish the whole damn thing.
but well, i  worked with me. i was deeply touched by the happenings and actually feared all the time.
i have no idea how the system worked, who would die and who not, and on what facts this depended. but in my walkthrough those characters died: Jacob, Thane, Samara and Kelly.
i did not care about Jacob, and really approved of his voluntary vote to go on the suicide part of the mission. Samara’s death was kinda touching, because i really liked her. but she always seemed like she never wanted anything else then dying in this mission, so kinda was in peace with it in the first place. Kelly… i was very fond of her and always hoped to be able to help her alone – not matter what happened to the rest of the Normandy crew. what should i say, she is my type…
but Thane dying was really extreme. that’s the point i shed anger tears. i felt like i reacted the same way he would have in case my character died: touched, broken, but strong nethertheless. he had not much to loose, and i did my best of giving him some good last hours. as with Samara he was in peace with his own death, so the only sadness came from my personal loss. but at least i still had Tali on my side – i always did most of i could to protect her, and i was lucky that i succeeded with it. also Garrus’ presence had a calming effect on me, strange enough.

anyways, Mass Effect 2 was one of the most touching games i ever played. there weren’t too much, i could/should do a top-5-list of them… and ME2 would be on place 1 or 2 (though i can’t recall another game right now with an equal scale).
BioWare have done a GREAT job with it, and i can’t wait to play part 3.
i am looking forward to see my love Liara again. and i so hope that Tali and i could bond even more, and whos knows, hopefully we could even share suits at some point…

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