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as i am playing the new Wolfenstein game now, which i refer to as “Wolfenstein 2009” due to obvious reasons, i would like to talk about the Wolfenstein series in general and how it evolved to what it is now.

i actually grew up with the Wolfenstein series, somehow. well i did not start with “Castle Wolfenstein” and “Beyond Castle Wolfenstein” (oh, “beyond …” was already a famous prefix for sequels back then? interesting…), the classical and pretty unkown 2D sidescrollers. my first one was of course “Wolfenstein 3D” (pay attention to the wordplay, the 3 in “3D” is pointing to third installment of the series. see also “Prince of Persia 3D”).
ooookay it was already 1998 when i first played it. i know i was quite late with the whole computer thing, but that doesn’t change the fact that Wolfenstein was with me when i started to imprint my current personality. and it surely had a great impact on me. well, not only the “crushing nazis is cool” thingie, but most of all the fact, which everbody should know about who played the original Wolfenstein 3D, that i compare like EVERY other (modern) FPS with this game (or with DOOM, depends *g*).

oh yeah, and don’t forget ROBO HITLER


so, i adored this game pretty much. of course.
and when after all those years the next Wolfenstein game came out, “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, i of course was quite nervous about it. but well, as i imagined there wasn’t too much to say about it.
i realized that it’s only meant to be entertaining, and did at no point try to obligate itself as ‘art’. no style and somewhat in that direction – just straight forward action and nazi killing.
and you know what? this game did also really really well with that! just as much as its predecessors did.

what somehow bothered me of course was the introduction of this whole mystical fantasy stuff. that never really fitted into the Wolfenstein universe, immo.
so, to my disappointment this aspect was even more spread in the new Wolfenstein 2009. there is magic everywere. mystical stones giving super powers, ancient races playing with god-creatures and all that shit. baaaah.

but well, nevertheless it did turned out to be quite good. like Wolfenstein always did. running around, killing nazis. action. peroid.

so i can sort of recommend it to you, if you like some cool shooting hours and fun action. but don’t expect much more.
i will certainly keep an eye on this series.

oh, and it is TOO EASY!
i started on normal mode, rushed through the hard mode – which i found even more easy – and am now playing on Über. and even without crosshair i have no problem of rushing through it again.

and what is wrong with the title??
i mean, okay, in the last couple of years many series got relaunched and got their original title back, like Prince of Persia or Friday the 13th. as much as i hate when two installments of the same series have the same title, because it’s harder to differ those two, but at least i can understand what this should accomplish and can accept that.
but with Wolfenstein 2009… IT IS A DIRECT SEQUEL TO RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN! it should NOT just be called “Wolfenstein”, but it is! that’s pure bullshit!
it is rather subtle, you wouldn’t even recognize that its a sequel, if you didn’t play RtCW. but it shares some characters and even mentions the happenings from its predecessor. and that makes Return to Castle Wolfenstein a prequel, but with the title of a sequel! that’s bullshit! they should have swapped the names, that would have made much more sense. especially because RtCW did actually relaunch the series in the first place, not the 2009 installment.

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