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World of Warcraft

yes, i don’t really like that game either. sort of. actually it’s some sort of hate-love, like with most of the things anyways. but let me talk a bit about this game and my experiences so far.

first of all: everything bad that i have been expected from this game turned out to be true. including that it is reeeaaally boring for most of the time, because you spend hours and hours of just running from A to B or leveling up or farming stuff. and that the users are stupid newbies. well, at least TOO MANY of them… >_<

but of course there are reasons why every other MMORPG is being compared to WoW: because, as sad as it is, World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG out there. still.
and this is not because it is unique, not because of its users and especially not because of its inventiveness (in fact it’s the most cliché fantasy world you can imagine!)
the reason why it is a playable game -for me- is because IT IS HUGE. and hell is it huge Oo

most people who never played it underestimate the pure mass of possibilities the game offers its players. and not only in volume of the world, but also in things like items, skill system, activities, and so on. there is just so much to do… that is pretty awesome, because due to the sheer mass of options you have, there HAS to be at least one thing you can do that you can consider als “play worthy” – no matter who you are, where you’re from and what you like.
i mean, even i -loving sci-fi, hating old-school fantasy- have found things in this game that i like. despite the fact that this game is still boring and lame.

of course i myself try my best to avoid talking to other players.
but i take that whole role playing thing really serious. i have my characters, which is not much like me, and i won’t play another, because when i enter WoW, i am Xev – a female Draenei hunter, a lonesome and neutral warrior.
Xev is a gentle and quiet person, she is intelligent, but doesn’t really take use of that knowledge she has. she is not interested in the conflicts that arouse in Azeroth, not only because she is a stranger herself and doesn’t see herself on any side of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, because she was simply born into this world and hasn’t decided herself on which side to be on. she hates conflicts and just tries to avoid them, that’s all.
she loves her companions very much: three very different big cats with the names of “Schneeball” and “Zucker”, which she raises since both were kittens, her new one, “Lichtjahr”, and one wolf called “Katastrophe”. Xev prefers the companionship of her pets to the friendship with other beings.

and yes, i really like playing as Xev. going fishing on strange places, collection cooking receipes, petting my companions… stuff like this, that’s what keeps me playing this game from time to time. i am far from being addicted. once i stopped playing for one and half a year, and the only thing i missed were my cute pets.
i don’t even have my own account, but play on the account of an ex-girlfriend of mine. somehow this has worked till now, but i am really afraid that at some point i won’t be able to play again, hence i will never see my pets again. i don’t really care much about the rest. as i said, playing is quite boring and takes a lot of time, which i’d rather spend on better things. but i love my pets and miss them quite fast…

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