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mh yeah well, not exactly the worst kind of art thievery, more the like most minor of kinds, but still… kinda
i just thought, since i have this very different opinion on this topic and people tend to not understand it, they often have the very reasonable argument that i never experienced the case that my art got “stolen”, hence my opinion on that may be considered obsolete, i now can tell you: not quite! i am like a bit in this topic on a personal level now.

anyway, let’s cut to the case and right tell you about stuff:
i remember when i found one of my works on a random image board, a few years back. it was one of my still infamous Lala-series, so i did not care that much. sure it’s not a real form of thievery, but it’s kind of what i am preaching all about: IF you are an artist, who does art for the sake of doing art, and NOT for money or fame or such, this is a wishful situation! you WANT to get your art around. so finding it somewhere else where you did not put it, it’s quite an accomplishment there.

so, you might say, getting your art around people is one thing, but getting your art stolen is another.
mmmh, not quite so. my opinion on this is, that if someone actually makes money with your stuff or accomplishes something else, that YOU ¬†apparently weren’t capable of doing, it’s not a loss on your side. you have lost exactly nothing – but you may oversee the obvious: he accomplished something for you: your art got to somewhere you where not at. and you did not even do a thing. if that is NOT awesome to you, you might consider to stop doing art and maybe go into accounting or something dull like that, what do i know.

recently a friend of mine, Norman Dusk, pointed out to me that he had yet another copy-cat in the net (the second already, he mentioned), who did webpages, most notably a facebook page, where he uploaded all the stolen stuff about Norman and acted like he was Norman himself. the classic fraud, identity thievery. and upon the stolen images where some of those i once did, of course.
he immediately got kicked off Facebook, after Norman reported him, so he did not have the chance to do a lot. but fact is, the copy-cat already had a mentionable big mini-fanbase who did not know he was a fraud. on facebook alone he gained like a few above thousand fans!
and all those fans saw my works. which is something i totally approve of, that’s all.

sure, those weren’t by best works. i actually don’t care much about my fashion and image photography. it’s more work to me, than a form of art, so the whole case is really, really NOTHING to me.
but still it is an example of my stuff getting stolen and my reaction to it. and it was basically positive, and i’d like this to happen again.

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