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so, finally, after hearing the new album for some times (maybe 4~5
times, what makes a hearing-time from about 10 hours *g*), i can tell
you about Ghosts!

first of all: it really is something special. it’s different.
but not like every NIN album before was a bit different to what NIN did
before (like Broken was suprisingly heavy, The Downward Spiral was
surprisingly deppressive, Year Zero was surprisingly electronic), it
was quite special in every point of evalution.
you already heard about how it was release, and stuff, so i’ll stick here to what it sounds like:

it is more experimental than i thought it would get.
like Reznor said they wanted to create stuff wihtin 10 weeks and
release everything that got substance – whatever it became! and that’s
what Ghosts sound like.
every song is unique. there’s no special
content, topic or concept holdig the album together. you could easily
here the songs by random, that wouldn’t destroy it’s appearance.

and i’m positivly surprised by the amount of musical variantion and
styles. i’d like to list some genres they scratched, but it would be
much easier to list what Ghosts does not contain. eh, it’s not hip-hop,
it’s not country, … eh… it’s not classical orchestral music, …
it widely uses pieces of several subgenres of rock and electronic,
getting a bit “clubby” here and there, industrial, IDM, mostly
post-rock, i sence some math-rock influences, some songs even get a big
noisy and heavy, some appear “dirty”, some clearly logical and
pulsative, most tend to be minimalistic.

but all in one it’s
quite qualm, and with this experimental, minimalistic sound it has much
of the background movie of something, like a movie score. that’s not a
bad thing, the album does this great. and for something that startet as
a small side project  this one is great!!

i wish they plead
fans to great typical rock songs from the songs of Ghosts, as if they
were blueprints or something like that, ’cause that is the online real
negative thing i could state about Ghosts: most of the songs seem to be
“incomplete”. that’s sad as i wich them to be real, FULL songs.

so my suggestion to all the fans out there who are able to great good
music: grab the raw files from the DVD version of Ghosts and complete
what wasn’t meant to be finished!

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