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as you may know i am currently learning about the art of vintage photography. *ehem* i mean manual photography. no, i mean chemical photography. well, no, but yeah, but no… you get the point: i am trying something else beside digital photography and bought myself some nice old cameras, including an Agfa Clack, Agfa Click, a Diana, and soon to come a Holga. i am very positive about all this, because i learn so much!
i by old and expired films on ebay and see what the results are. very exciting, i can tell ya!

above you see the best picture from the test shots with the Agfa Click. the film was expired back in 1996, thus the green hue.
my first ever try, with the Clack went totally wrong, as you can see here:

and what you can also see i at least used this mess for the template of 8106. nothing will be wasted.

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