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whoops, i am on Twitter now.
how comes? shouldn’t i just ignore all this hyped shit pages, like MySpace? *g*

actually i was thinking about how cool such an easy-to-update mini-blog
could be and even started to code one by myself!! and then i found out
about Twitter and instantly lost any given enthusiasm in my new

so what, it’s a cool thing to ‘dump your thoughts’ for some time / forever (?)

for those of you who don’t know what Twitter is:
sort of blog, but you may only add messages with a maximum length of
140 characters. it was meant to just let others know what you’re
currently doing. but most use it as an easy news RSS, for chatting or
just to write down and share minor thoughts with others (<- that’s
what i do).

so, you may want to take a look or even “follow”
me (that’s like ‘adding me to your friend list’ for you MySpace-damaged
youngsters!). here’s my Twitter adress:


have fun, drive safely!

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