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okay, i just finished the web page of Doctrine Designs up to da final moment where we can declare it to be a “version 2.0”

many things have changed since the opening back in october 2006.
today the site is nearly what i thought it to be back then. there’s a big stock catalog now, a download section, even a portfolio section where you can download assorted images in high resolution! (that came to my mind rather late)

we’ve got 4 skins so far, the new skin i just scripted today is Yotsuba Style – an hommage to 4chan and 2chan, indeed…

i recommend you strongly to visit the stock!
it contains nearly every good picture i made in the last few years, up to
now those are 252 pieces! (i even added some of my rare drawings, but
i’m kinda proud on the catalog system. it’s not what i was
meant to be in the beginning (the tag-system is still missing, but i’m
working on it), but it’s much easier and quicker to use.
the system behind the stock was changed quite a lot during the time…

so, thanks again for reading this far and have fun with Doctrine Designs v2.0!


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