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8106 › TsuBaka.com just launched! and introducing: the tsubaka meshwork!
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Okay, finally it’s officially through the beta testing phase and I uploaded tsubaka.com on the new server!
And with this I also present you: the tsubaka meshwork!

Let me shortly explain the whole thing:
The tsubaka meshwork is some sort of network that connects to all of my online presences. the node (tsubaka.com) works as some sort of ‘hub’ – a midpoint from that you have a good overview over my projects.
To this comes I use this site to be experimental with my HTML art! So
I’m presenting articles, reviews, list and so on in visual attractive
and often interactive HTML pages. You may just want to look at them,
learn from its source code or even read the content (IF you’re

Have fun!

edit: and here the direct, clickable link: TsuBaka.com

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