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well, today i want to introduce you to my all-time-favorite web comics of mine!

as some of you may already know i love reading web comics. i have at least
one ongoing web comic i still have to catch up with and i keep tracking
the ones from the following list (except the already closed ones ^^):

Cyanide & Happiness
this is a really random one with, with a lot of black humor. most gags are
far below the belt, and most strips will just leave you like “WTF was
that?!”. just great ; )

The Perry Bible Fellowship
this one is heavy, too, but far of another caliber. it’s damn surreal from time to time, but does also give you the right ‘wtf-feeling’ XD

Sexy Losers
long gone, but still great. this one has strong mature content (you are well warned!) and a lot of japanimation allusions

a german one, well known in germany *g*
literally translated as following: “NotFunny”, and that quite much describes the surrealistic nature of it’s humor.

stylish web comic by Brady Lowery, a cool guy, indeed ^^
made some cool flash vids, too, and i watch him in deviantART.

Bee Power & Horribleville
that one has a really random humor, sometimes you feel like you just missed the punchline… but: no, you did not! XD
http://comicswithoutviolence.com/ & http://horribleville.com/

Lucid TV
quite well drawn, quite black humoristic, not updated very often, … but intelligent as hell! for doctors and fans of those ^^

“A web comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” sound strange, but
it’s the best way to describe what this one is all about.
‘xkcd’ is by far the most intelligent web comic i’ve ever read. and touching melancholy…

“the half-life and death of Gordon Frohman”
the best fan comic out there. it’s about ‘Half Life 2’, setting ~one week
before the happenings of the game, and mostly focused on game glitches
and fan service. made with the G-Mod

old, not always up-to-date, but still running! (and i still have to
catch up with this one). one of the first web comics ever.
if you don’t know it yet, please read some of them. but warning: linear storyline! ^^

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