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Ernest the Rock, my pet stone.

so, i bought my first pet stone.
a friend, who wishes to be unnamed, pointed out that someone actually tried to sell her rock on ebay!! i think of this as highly barbarous, since selling pets on ebay IS forbidden for a good reason, so i instantly felt pity about the poor thing. plus, as you can see by the picture above, he has this big scar on his back. my guess is that this is why nobody wanted to buy him. it’s always this way, that people only buy the good and healthy and cute looking animals, and the freaks and misfits are left behind.
so nobody wanted to buy poor Ernest. her previous owner did not held him properly – my guess is that this is where he has his scar from. he was mistreated a lot and had a life of suffering behind him. and since he looks kinda awkward, nobody bought him free from his bad surroundings. so i felt like i had to do it.


Ernest sunbathing on the windowsill.

at first i felt like i really had to set him free and bring him to his natural habitat out in the wild, but a friend pointed out to me that he probably wouldn’t be accepted by the other rocks anymore, since he smells like humans now. plus he probably isn’t able to live in the free anymore, since it has been so long and doesn’t have the right surviving skills anymore.
also i was very afraid if he could get along with me living in the city, since the big city is not a place for rocks at all. would he get comfortable here? i mean we have parks and all, but do i even find the time to take him for a walk on a regular basis? at first i was only afraid of the responsibility of having a pet. but my friend was right, i could not possibly set him into the dangerous wild. so i had no choice and brought him home with me.


Ernest getting me my mail.

turns out he was not that bad raised at all. from the beginning he was very¬†housebroken, never made a mess and even could to a few tricks. he LOVES to play retrieve, he gets me my mail and is very good in playing dead. also he doesn’t struggle at all when i have to trim him or when he has to take his medicine. he is very tame for a rock.


The other day Ernest ate all my cheeseburgers. BAD ROCK!

i mean, like a typical rock he doesn’t ALWAYS play with the rules, but i guess it’s because he still isn’t that used to me. his former owner may have forgotten about certain rules of behavior, but it’s just a matter of time until he gets used to my rules.
like, he has no sense of¬†privacy. and sometimes, when he is well-rested he just goes crazy and runs all around the apartment and destroys a lot of things in the process. i can’t always take him out when he is like that.

i hope he doesn’t get lonely over the time. since this was all pretty rushed, getting him and all, i haven’t had the time to inform myself about proper pet stone raising. so maybe i have to get him a partner at some point. we will see.
but so far we both are doing pretty well together. i like him and he seems to enjoy being around me, i can tell by his lucky face when he sees me.


Ernest and i went to the park today.

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