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13 Questions

original questionaire is some sort of short interview with Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails, found here:

i replaced Ilan’s answers with mine

1. Which artists inspired you to create art?
quite too many to list them all. some of my first primary inspirations who got me into the arts in the first place include Trevor Brown, Lithium Picnic and Trent Reznor.

2. What still inspires you to keep on keeping on?
mainly everything that in my opinion is new to the world, or has been ignored for most of the time. you know, mind expanding things.

3. If you weren’t making art, what do you think you’d be doing?
programming of any sort or studying psychology.

4. What would you rather be doing right now?
get home, take a nap and play some games.

5. Give us your best recipe!
i am not really that much of a ‘cooking’ guy. i have some great ideas what to make with tea and experiment a lot with drinks, but i rarely cook after recipes. other than “put the microwave on 600W and…”.
well, i like to put some self-planted basil on my pizza, maybe that counts?

6. What makes you cringe?
*looks up the word* …
eh… human kind. full stop.

7. If you could pick one superpower and it had to be either flight or time travel, which would you choose? And what would you do first with your newfound ability? Would you rally on the side of good or evil?
definitely time travel. i would give pretty much everything just to see our all future and what science is about to bring up in the next decades and beyond. and i hate living in the present.
good or evil? hard to answer that. depends. i would not pay attention to what i cause, because i don’t really care at all. maybe that is evil? is isn’t it? who knows.

8. Do you have hope for this current generation of kids who worship Lindsay Lohan, suck down TMZ, download music and yet, have never owned one CD or LP? Or are they a lost cause?
hope for what?
well, basically i don’t have any hope at all when it comes to things i don’t care about. youth is what it is and will always be the youth, no matter what it is. i will accept that that, whatever this will look like. because i don’t think we have a choice there. acceptance or nothing.

9. Tom Cruise: genius or psycho?
great actor for playing assholes. full stop.

10. What in the world is affecting you right now?
not much these days. i am done with most of the things that have affected me at, let’s say, some months ago.

11. The ’80s or the ’90s? And why?
90s. the music was better and technology more advanced.

12. What could you NOT live without?
music. again, full stop.

13. Give the internet some words to live by…
we are anonymous. we are legion.

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