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… i don’t know in person, because they’re fictional or “inaccessible” for me. but gorgeous. and i mean this in a way that i have the feeling that they somehow affected my life in what ever way at all. this, and they have to be female and simply great, to get on this list.

this list was a bit of a pain, i thought it to be easier. because the reasons why i find some people more gorgeous than others can vary a lot, and escpecially are beyond the obvious. and that is hard to describe in many ways.
i don’t want you to interpret my reasons in a wrong way, and please don’t add reason by yourself, like “ah, you liar! you just find her sexy!”, because that would be bullshit and nothing more. i tried to explain it the best i could and there’s nothing else which would reaon my choice beside the ones i tried to describe. just deal with it.

1) Apnea / Apneatic
yeah, my favorite model of all time. she might be a bad start for this list, because she is neither fictional nor really that inaccesable for me, as i already am/was in contact with her. but regarding my personal history with me and her model career she is so totally number one for me for many aspects.
first of all: she might be the most beautiful woman ever existed. she’s simply perfect and i can’t think of anythink that would make her more beautiful. i don’t even start to list what i like about her looks, because it’s like… everything. yeah, that’s the list: everything.
second: she affected my life so much. i so remember when i first stumbled upon her early shootings with Lithium Picnic, i was so damn impressed that i frame this particular sets of photos as the major reason for me to get into photography. so, in that way i pretty owe her extremely much for forming me what i am now. without her i wouldn’t be who i am, fullstop. that’s why she is number one on this list.
third: she seems to be a great person, too. having a few conversations with her, and watching some life streams of her and such… i’d say she has a great taste in things like music and humor. but to be honest i am afraid of getting to know her even more. because what if she has a great character, too…? i’d propably turn into a stalker, spend all my money to move into the US and live near her LOL
i think if i could get at least one shooting with her as my model, i could finally die in peace. because this would be the most amazing thing that could ever happen to me.

2) Mathilda Lando (Léon)
yeah, not Natalie Portman, but the character Mathilda from “Léon”, whom we all know.
i really love that character. Luc Besson and Portman put so much effort in her, it’s amazing. and what came out of this effort is one of the most well thought-through characters in cinematicraphic history! Mathilda is so fucking authentic, i always wondered how much of herself Portman put into her (and regarding what crap she played afterwards it can’t be THAT much, meaning her acting was at its best when producing Leon, imo).
it’s hard to describe why i adore her so much. it is not that much about her characterisca, but more how she acts and reacts and such. she grew up to be thougher than others would have in her position, but you can really feel her childish insecurity when it gets tough. her “love”-relationship to Léon, seeing him as a lover and father in one person, makes her kind of pitiful, but on the other hand everybody envies what she is willing to sacrifice for all this. at least i do.
to sum it up i’d say it’s the individuality of her character and how extremely well played she was gets her on this list. i’d always wondered if, after what happened to her, if it wouldn’t be logical if she grew up to become a hitman, after the events of the movie. she would be a great hitman after all.

3) Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick)
eh, strange, yeah? no?
well, i really adore her, even if it sounds strange (if you know her works), but i have good reasons why.
first of all she has a great character and a great sense in humor. she’s not typical in any way at all, but she doesn’t act as if she is the individual that she is for real. i think she knows how special she is and she uses it for her advantage. lucky for us fans ; )
many appriciate her skills in cutting and knowing how to capture expressions and such. me for once does also adore her acting. if you see her as an amateur, which by fact she still is (or let’s say “semi-pro”, okay?), you have to admit that she does extremely well. she somehow manages to use her own personality and combine it with her acting (role). giving her appearance in front of a camera one special charme, which i really really like. it’s some sort of warm karma, hard to explain. but her apperance just lightens up my mood, like instantly ^^
oh, and i like her vioce and its tone very much. i know she doesn’t like her own voice, but i don’t care. i like how it sounds and how she talks. could listen to her for hours without getting tired XD

4) Mira Aroyo (Ladytron)
this will be a tought one to describe…
this woman just has the strangest karma i ever experienced. i once saw her on a Ladytron concert in Cologne two or three years ago. and i was stunned. and i don’t really know why.
she was just standing there, looking griefly into the audience. like she wasn’t even there, like a ghost. and hypnotized me. i couldn’t get my eyes off of her, it was a really strange feeling.
she didn’t do much. sometimes she sang, mostly she played keyboard. she only used to wave her body a bit to the music, and that was pretty much all she did. but her look into the audience was just sooo cool and “grimmy”. as if she tried to curse her own audience. awesome XD
she has a really cool and deep voice that i really like, because it totally fits to the Ladytron sound and her mother tongue, Bulgarian. always gives me the chills. oh, and isn’t she a beauty, too? ^^

5) Ed / Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Cowboy Bebop)
well, this will be a bit difficult to justify without label me as a pervert lol
but seriously, Ed is, beside her long-time questionable gender, a really adorable specimen of the female race, haha. for quite obvious reasons!
what i like most of all about her is her intelligence. i mean, she is smart as hell and shows that quite often, but in a such subtle way… as if she wants anybody to know how special she is without rubbing it into their faces, but obviously doesn’t care what others think of her at all. this contradictory behavior always gave her a kinda mysterious flaire (amongst a lot of other things XD). which i like a lot.
combining her intelligence with her really unique humor and her cuteness, that just gives me the rest. no more to add. she is like the perfect child, from my point of view. i want a daughter just like her, she’s so great!
i am really afraid about her character in the upcoming live action Bebop movie. i don’t think that her characters works at all, when being played by a real life person… they have no other choice than to totally ruin her character… sad, sad. but at least in the series she will still be the Ed we all know and i love.

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