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You know this boring, uninventive blog entries of which the blogger just lists off things that he did during the past days or weeks, about things you really don’t care for at all, but you read them anyways, because you kinda feel that you as a friend own it to the blogger? Well, this is one of those blog entries.

I just wanna write down what i did during my this years christmas vacation in my homecountry, with family and friends. And because i really hate this kind of blog entries, let me exagarate its nature and do it in an actual LIST, ha! XD

sunday, 2010/12/19

my car was still down, so we had to shift to use the train. Which, of course, turned out to be exhausting and such because of the weather. Train had major delays, if they drove at all, but we kinda arrived at time (to our own surprise) after jumping on an ICE (which we were not suppossed to be allowed to travel with). Incedentelly i meet a girl who studies exactly what i also try to study for years now, photography. She said she would help me with my portfolio, but since then does not answer my contact requests (facebook, sms, …).

Monday, 2010/12/20

was photographing my favorite orchestre again at their annual christmas concert in Rostock. I did NOT make the same mistakes as last time and tried to photogtaph while the actual concert (photography can be a loud thing to do, which is not welcome at noise sensitive concerts, like on classic orchestra concerts ; ). instead i took all photos during the rehearsals, but i had not time enough to shoot everything i want to. Some results are looking quite good and i regret not to have taken more close up portrait shoots. Plus, i am really curious about the outcome of the films, which i can only develope when i am back in Düsseldorf.

Tuesday, 2010/12/21

chill-out day at friends, with watching movies and such. I tried to make breakfast, and the result turned out to be eatable, which is by far better than i expected XD

Wednesday, 2010/12/22

i enjoyed the tons of snow, a lot. My home village was covered in like 50cm of snow and everything looked amazingly beautiful.

Thursday, 2010/12/23

had to get rid of the snow on our car port before the weight of it would crush the ceiling. A lot of work, but also kinda fun to do, because i got to get in touch with the snow a lot! Plus, walking the dog turned out to be a fun thing to do, as we could barely walk our usual paths due to the vast amounts of snow everywhere!

Friday, 2010/12/24

probably the last time we had a santa claus arranged for my little cousin, as he already is five years old. I think next year he might be just too old for all that stuff. Also it was the first christmas without my brother and there was a strange melancholy cloud hanging over the whol family. My father even at first refused to decorate the tree with me, as we always did this with him. I still have no idea why i so love decorating the tree… i am not that kind of person to like that stuff.

Saturday, 2010/12/25

a feast, the whole day. Eating for dinner at a restaurant is a quite new tradition of my family, only second time this year. The rest of the day also only consisted of eating and resting. Plus i had to drive my parents to and from a birthday party of my mothers best friend, but i love driving through the snow. Especially when i am not driving my own car XD

Sunday, 2010/12/26

kinda like the day before. Spend the whole day at my grandparents house, i had to keep my cousin company. Very annoying kid, but also very cute (am i ready to make one of those, too??).

Monday, 2010/12/27

next chillout day, i got kinda sick. No wonder with this harsh weather. The snow is by now really piled up big. Used the day to finish my book.

Tuesday, 2010/12/28

already feeling a bit better. Good enough to work outside and get rid of the snow on the carport, again. Also, late years depression caught me a bit. You know, thinking about the last year and what mistakes one has made, and such. Tried to write some poems, thought about moonflower…

Wednesday, 2010/12/29

last chance to see my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin for another few months. Grandma taught me how to make “Dampfnudeln”, old fashioned style – not like you can by it in the stores. I was enjoying the snow a lot, made some videos of it and drove through the city, just for fun.

Thursday, 2010/12/30

playing video games the whole day. First on my own at my parents. They spend sylvester days with friends somewhere else, and i wanted to spend this days with my own friends in Rostock, as usual. Arriving there we started playing in LAN. I missed that.

Friday, 2010/12/31

did not do much, but preparing for the party later on (preparing food and such). Then had a really fun sylvester party art friends i see too rarely (like twice a year maybe). Ate a lot of food and gifted us useless stuff (i got a really cool bag, thanks again XD). And i drank a lot – which resulted in that i don’t remember much from past midnight. Last halfway lucent thing i remember is drinking sparkling whine at the harbor, possibly huggung a lot of people. How i got back home to my friend, i don’t recall.

Saturday, 2010/12/01

slept a lot, got nutrition and felt surprisingly passable. Watched some movies (Dr. Strangelove is awesome!!)

Sunday, 2010/12/02

got back home, by train again. I hate taking the train, but what the hell… was a long journey and very exhausting. Back at home i figured out i had no food left at my apartment, so i was left very hungry until monday morning ; _ ;

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