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this is an article i found on NewScientist, that in my opinion everybody should read, because it’s quite interesting!
and because i am a self centred bastard and want you to believe in what i believe, haha, i added my comments with my personal valuations on the specifics points, set in italic.

original: http://www.newscientist.com/special/ten-mysteries-of-you

Ten things we don’t understand about humans


We belong to a remarkably quirky species. Despite our best efforts, some of our strangest foibles still defy explanation.
But as science probes deeper into these eccentricities, it is becoming clear that behaviours and attributes that seem frivolous at first glance often go to the heart of what it means to be human.


Even Darwin struggled to explain why we would evolve a response that lets others know that we have cheated or lied.

i consider this as some sort of a side-effect to the situation that causes us to blush in the first place. because in this situations our brain needs more blood to work better and faster, hence the body automatically pumps liters of blood in a rush through our whole head. surely this just HAS to cause us blushing.
and don’t bring Darwin into this case – obviously this blushing doesn’t make evolutionary sense in senses as Darwin described it. but as we today all know Darwin simply wasn’t right, full stop.


The discovery that laughter is more often produced at banal comments than jokes prompts the question, why did it evolve?

i have this strange theory, which i won’t explain here in detail because it’s quite complex, but i try to bring it down in a nutshell: i think laughing in general is a failure in reaction, some sort of bug, due to something our brain can’t comprehend enough. the main essesence of jokes in general is that something inlogical appears, at some point in every funny thing is one special aspect that doesn’t make much sense. and our brain isn’t able to understand that, what brings it to a fail decision of not being able to bring this into a specific emotion – we brake out in laughter. this is not something nature itself bring up by purpose, but more by accident, because a specific intelligent level is neccessary to being able to understand such inlogical situations. that is also why more intelligent people laugh about more absurd things – they simply can comprehend lesser inlogical things better.
why babies laugh is out of my range, dunno lol.

Pubic hair

radiator, warmth provider, or chafe protection? The answer to why
humans have clumps of hair in private places is still open for debate

well at least we have dozens of theories about it and at least one of them should be the reason… i don’t really see why this point is on the list.


our closest relatives, the great apes, move smoothly from their
juvenile to adult life phases – so why do humans spend an agonising
decade skulking around in hoodies?

expansion of our life span? apes would also have a longer adolessence phase when they would get older, won’t they?
but most of all i think what makes our human teenagers more specific to describe is a result of globalisation and evolution. just look back some hundred years, there have our ancestors spent a much lesser long teenage phase. but today we force our teenagers to longer be teenagers, by expanding school time or putting a high level for being full aged. just imagine what would be if we all would stop school at the age of 14 and parallely decided to call every 15yo “full aged” and being able to vote and buy alcohol and have sex – this point would NOT be on the list!
so what makes “teenagers” being something that we humans don’t understand? it is ourself!


most researchers reject Freud’s belief that dreams are expressions of
our unconscious desires – but if that’s the case, what are they for?

for me this is a simple answer: our brain is bored.
sleep is for our BODY to rest and regain strengh, but as science has already proven, our BRAIN does not need as much rest as the body does. so what does our brain do when it after 4~5 hours of sleep finally “awakes”? making up shit. for its own entertainment and/or for ourself to get along with things we don’t think about at the day. because we permanently choose not to think about certain things and ignore them. our brain doesn’t really like subconcious thoughts and tries to build a story around those in order to deal with those problems. at sleep.


still debate whether humans are genuinely altruistic by nature, but if
we are, most agree it doesn’t make evolutionary sense.

we are not. peroid.
the few altruistic acts that some humans still do, they mostly do because of selfishness. doesn’t sound logic to you? your fault, i don’t care much about it at the moment and am not in the mood to describe what i mean. just go with it: people do self-abandonment things because they please theirself with it.


Sexual display, learning tool or form of social glue? Art still refuses to be pinned down.

i also don’t think this should be on the list.
ART is nothing more than a form of communication. the reason why people find it hard to define “art” is that everybody uses it in a completely different form of communication, but that is was art is all about: finding another way of communicate with your surroundings. art begins when words doesn’t do it any more.


of us have superstitions – odd, reassuring habits that make no rational
sense – but there may be an underlying reason for such behaviour.

also simple: with growing intelligence we find ourself in a world of dozens of things we don’t understand. complex contextes confuse us, adn we can’t deal with the fact that there are things we will never understand at all. so we fill these wholes with superstition. why we are able to do this in the first place is because we are able of ingoring stuff, like the reasons why superstition is all bullshit.


The urge to kiss is not brought about by genes, so why do we find it so pleasurable to share saliva?

uh, hard one ^^
i personally have NO CLUE, but do i wanna know at all? XD


Many of us do it, but eating bogeys offers little nutritional reward – could there be a health reason for the unappealing habit?

i prefer to BREATH. so stuff in my nose which prevends me from breathing normally is only disturbing.
we also find apes nose picking, so it’s not a human thing at all. and speaking of human – do other animals even HAVE boogers?! maybe that’s the answer!

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