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what always bothered me is that we virtually don’t know shit about dinosaurs at all, but we tend to “know” things about them.
but think about it, “facts” about dinosaurs have been updated SO OFTEN that basically everything we “know” now we at some point in the past did NOT know. and most probably this trend will go on.
why is that so? because we can only reconstruct our “knowledge” of dinosaurs from the few things which are left of them. and that is nothing more than a couple of bones and stones. of course this is not enough to actually “know” anything about them, hence we do speculate. what sounds logical will be “fact”, until some other scientist “proofs” otherwise. and that is a bullshit approach. because due to this widely uneffective method we can only know ONE thing for sure: we have no clue what dinosaurs were like

and from all the things we do not know about them the most basic is what they looked like. but for some strange reason our impression of what they looked like never really changed at all. why is that so?! i don’t know.

we think of dinosaurs as bald creatures with a thick skin like made of big rubber in carmouflage-esque colors, like dark green or grey tones. but actually we have no reason to believe in that. somebody made that up because he thought it to be logic. i won’t disagree with him, but regarding to every other “fact” about dinosaurs it’s plain stupid to not think about the other options.

for example, and that is a thought i carry with me for DECADES now, why does nobody imagine them with FUR?!
so many animals have a fur, or at least hair here and there. sure, we see dinosaurs as saurian creatures, but when you think about it it is more the other way around: our saurians today are the descendants of the dinosaurs, so there is no real reason why we should value our todays rules of saurians to the dinosaurs. that is backward thinking, and that is not how evolution works at all.
i don’t say here that dinosaurs had furs, i just want to point out that it is possible! consider the sheer possibility!

and that is not the only thing that has yet to be proofen.
for example, what about their color? couldn’t they all have had bright, shiny colors? PURPLE DINOSAURS?!
oh you thing that would be evolutionary impossible, because the carmouflage effect protected them from being eaten and stuff. sure, but what if the dinosaurs were all color blind? then there would have been no reason for the dark green tones they have in our imagination. and maybe than they would have been all colorful.

or did you know that cartilages can not be conserved as it is with bones, meaning that there is no way we could reconstruct those and thus not proof that they had cartilages for quite obvious purposes, like for having EARS! just imagine a t-rex with human ears, haha. looks stupid, but you can’t proof the possibility of that as wrong!

so, when you see a dinosaur in a movie or somewhere else the next time, think about if what you see makes any sense at all. imagine everything you want and keep in mind that what you think about is quite the same possible of what you see.
even if the dinosaur you look at could have purple fur and human ears!

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