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so, finally, after some time has passed (last entry is from august) i feel like being able to blog again.

my lag of activity in the bloggosphere was basically driven by the following three points:
1) i hated the old CMS. my old blog was based on Joomla, which is offensively stupid. and i wanted to shift to WordPress. but first i had to re-create my beloved film strip theme, so that needed time because i had to learn how to write wordpress themes first. which leads me to point number 2
2) got NO TIME. as i started working again in summer i spent most of my time earning money. don’t have a lot more to explain here, i think this point is pretty much self explainaroty. btw, all my arts suffered from this…
3) my NEED for blogging wasn’t the same.
IF you read my blog last year, you probably are aware of my self-indulged, depressive posts i did back then. well, they were a sort of let-out for me to make it easier for me to deal with the shit back then. but i don’t need this anymore, so there wasn’t much of the whiny stuff left i used to write about a lot.
but well, i still have to tell you a lot of stuff. much happened this year, and i would like to have the interested amongst you to take part of it. plus i got a lot of cool recommendations and thoughts to write about. and yeah, i miss writting about shit – so here i am, back in action.

after i lost my job two weeks or so ago, i finally found the time to finish the theme for wordpress and i could go online yesterday with the new platform. as expected moving the whole project had some unexpected difficulties, but i managed them all. too bad that i change servers soon and have to go through most of it again >_<

but i digress.
fact is, i have a new laptop and my blog is up and ready again, so expect POSTS in the future XD

and most important of course, tell me ANYthing you find worth mentioning about the “new” blog.
but, well, everything looks just the same, duh – you might think. and yeah, if you don’t have that much of an eye for my stupid little blog, then you will not be able to drive your attention past the obvious design, which is the same as ever. but please have a closer look at all the details, like functions and sub-sies and the widgets on the right, and well, of course also the (old) design, and TELL me what you can’t get over, so i can think about making this a better place for you in the future ; )

cheers to a new start. happy to be back, life can be great sometimes. ^^


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