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it came to my mind that the title of my blog may be too unclear to most of my readers. i started blogging with very nerdy contents, expecting to only reach a nerd audience who mostly can read Leet. but with getting further and further into writing i started to get attention to other demographics, and the percentage of non-leet speaking readers has reached a specific amount which makes me thinking about its premise.

you may or have may have not been noticed that the title of this blog, “8106”, actually reads “blog”, in numbers. i never supposed it to be read as numbers, but many people do – that’s how i got introduced to the problem that people don’t understand the title. and well, i did not really think that this would be a mentionable problem, as i did not think about this as a reason not to read the blog, but it certainly is some sort of de-identification with it’s content if you don’t even get the title (like with bad movie titles that don’t even relate to the movies topic) – and that is where YOU come in!

see, i am thinking of re-branding the blog with another title. the leetspeak is cool and all, but it does neither fit to the design, and only fit a little to its content. i feel really bad about giving the blog a title that is way too devious (i know so many blogs which suffer the bad-movie-title-syndrom), that is why i felt good about “8106” as the title, because it just says “blog” and that is its main  proposition. changing the title should do the same. getting away from the numbers-only title seems to be a plausible thing to do, but maybe you can help not to get too far away from my original thoughts.

and that is the way we do it:  i present you a bunch of alternative titles that i came up with and you give me feedback on what you think suits best to its entity. just write me a comment or contact me in any form you like. if you have also a good idea for a title i did not come up with, let me know!
of course you can also have the opinion to stick with the original title of 8106.

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last modified: 2010-Dec-21, 16:56:15
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  1. :P | 2010-Dec-21, 21:40:18 |

    ich bin für GOLB :DDD

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