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well, obviously not the FIRST post in this blog, but it’s the first ORIGINAL post of 8106.
this has a simple reason: i recycled posts from other blogs, like my MySpace web log, to give 8106 some content in the first place.

the reason i created this blog to begin with was to make an end of me posting shit on so many different sites, like MySpace, MyBlog, deviantART, Twitter and so on, and keep it concentrated here.
i will still post on all the other platforms were i have been active till now, but i will try to focus more on 8106. and there will be dozens of “double” posts, regarding my many blogs, meaning that what i will post, for example on myspace, i will ALSO post here. so if you’re interested in what i have to say and stuff, stop following my other blogs. 8106 is all you need from now on.

i was willing to create my OWN blog for quite some time now, because all the other blog platforms do have negative associations with many people, what keeps them away from reading blogs from specific domains. MySpace is a good example: so many people hate it (for a good reason immo), but they surely miss the few good aspects of it by completely ignoring everything with “myspace” in its title. like some good blogs to follow.
and many of the blog systems don’t suited my prospects very well, when they for example look like crap or have stupid functions. wordpress or myblog seemed to be quite good, but they contrasted with the first reason.

so, when i finally stumbled upon the Joomla CMS i thought to have found something that i can use for my purposes, as it is a great basis for blogs in general.
sure, Joomla isn’t perfect – i could list many stupid things about it, but at least i could finally build my own blog. yay.

and that’s it. here we are now. this is what came out of the whole process. let’s see how this project turns out to be…
i hope you have fun reading my articles and keep giving me productive feedback. and as you are reading this sentence, the last one of the first post, i really have to thank you for your interest.

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