The Fragile
Nine Inch Nails
    this is the most perfect album ever. why? cause i can't hardly say anything negative about it. it's just perfect.
    i mean: there is no single song on it that is not great. it's a double cd with 23 songs, 1 hour and 44 minutes long at all.
    the songs spectrums reach from a soft jazz-like appearance up to brutal rock songs, instrumental songs, experimental songs, old-skool-like NIИ songs, some also approaching towards modern NIИ songs, some are more electronic, some are less... and so on.
    short: it's the most variated and perfect album ever made!
Silversun Pickups
    what may i say about Carnavas...
    well, it's depressing somehow. the sound is quiet well balanced and the album keeps it's appearance at a contant rate. so you finish hearing the album and feel alike after hearing the first ~2 songs or so.
    again there is no single song i kinda dislike - they're all great and feel completed. it's a great piece of rock.
Worlds Apart
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    powerful. pure power.
    this songs on this album from Trail of Dead have so much energy. in contrast to their other albums this one does not contain numerous rude songs (like 'Madonna') nor pop-song-like ones (like 'So Devided'). they have depth and are variating in style which prevents you from getting bored.
    you can perfectly here the whole thing while driving by car for an hour...
Farin Urlaub
Am Ende der Sonne
    okay, ich habe keine ahnung, warum dieses album von Farin Urlaub so verdammt traurig ist, aber er macht das sehr gut!
    die songs sind schon sehr traurig im schnitt - jeder 2. song handelt von schmerz und musikalisch klingt es auch genau danach. es ist bei weitem viel ernster als sein vorgänger 'Endlich Urlaub'. die einzigen ausnahmen sind 'Wie ich den Marylin-Manson-Ähnlichkeitswettbewerb verlor' und 'Dusche', welche einen rein humoristischen charakter haben. die beiden songs fallen leider komplett aus dem konzept des albums.
Arcade Fire
    and one more depressing album... well, i like those, sry.
    'Funeral' impresses me for having so much to tell you. yeah, every song has its unique story to tell, besides the lyrics! and those are sad i can tell you...
    it's very melodic and i back then singer Win Butler still had this tearful singing voice (that he learned to managed, later then to the creating of 'Neon Bible') that i like especially. it gives their songs a unique character that perfectly supresses the songs expressions.
White Pony
    this album is like... rock is dying and this album would be the score playing in the background to that scene in a movie about music... or so. except for the fact that rock is not dead and White Pony is the perfect evidence for this! also this may be the hardest album i like - it's alternative metal wtf?!
    defining the peak of Deftones' tunes this album does not have any bad song, is super-melancholic and rocks ass! its predecessors have been much too noisy and weren't that melodic. and its followers will have been quite the same tune, but not as accurate as White Pony is.
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Smashing Pumpkins
    at the peak of the Pumpkins creativity, if you ask me. alike to NINs 'Fragile'.
    i.m.o. it contains the biggest concentration of great Pumpkin songs, such as 'Zero', 'Porcelina of the Vast Ocean' or '1979'. it's 2CDs nearly missing any fail at all.
    the album marks the end of Billy Corgans search for a style and the beginning of his 'production line music', where every artist finally arrives, when knowing how to do it; when knowing how to create pop music.
The Notwist
12 & Loup EP
    woah, this it what i call 'Indie Rock'! pure and essential!
    quite in the middle of Notwists history rest their two Indie Rock albums 12 and Shrink. right after their Metal and right before their Electro Pop thingies... well, hard to explain what i mean. you have to know of their backstory to understand the bands strange developments...
    anyways, '12' is some great piece of rock and the 'Loup' EP that came with the album was sort of "the dot on the i" with the cover song 'Johnny & Mary'.
And the Battle Is Won
Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + START
    at least one Post Rock album has to be in this list.
    well, Up-C Down-C are still somewhat of an underground-pro-tip and they only released this only album yet. but nethertheless it kicks ass!
    they use to create an easy-scheme melody as a motif that sorta "loops" like a sample throughout the whole song, and build an extensive song around it (simplified speaking). with easyful lows and crashy, noisy peaks!
    for genre beginners and professionals ; )