this is the playlist i'd like to be played to my own funeral ordered alphabetically by artists
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | Another Morning Stoner
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | It Was There That I Saw You
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | Let It Dive
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | Relative Ways
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | Sigh Your Children
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | The Summer Of '91
... And You will know Us by the Trail of Dead | Will You Smill Again
                               65daysofstatic | AOD
                               65daysofstatic | Fix The Sky A Little [Digitonal Remix]
                               65daysofstatic | Radio Protector
                               65daysofstatic | The Big Afraid
                               65daysofstatic | The Major Cities of the World... [Skin of the Horse's Teeth Version]
                                  Arcade Fire | Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
                                  Arcade Fire | No Cars Go
                                  Arcade Fire | Une Année Sens Lumière
                                    Augustana | Boston
                                      Autolux | Asleep at the Trigger
                                      Autolux | Plantlife
                                         Bush | Glycerine
                                         Bush | Letting the Cables Sleep
                                         Bush | The Chemicals Between Us
                                Cary Brothers | Something
               Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet | Winter: Lux Æterna
                                     Coldplay | Don't Panic
                                     The Cure | Boys Don't Cry
                                     The Cure | Friday I'm In Love
                                     The Cure | Love Song
                                     Deftones | Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
                                     Deftones | Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) [Acoustic]
                                     Deftones | Change (In the House of Flies)
                                     Deftones | Change (In the House of Flies) [Acoustic]
                                     Deftones | Digital Bath [Acoustic]
                                     Deftones | Minerva
                                 Farin Urlaub | Augenblick
                                 Farin Urlaub | Porzellan
                                 Farin Urlaub | Sonne
                                 Farin Urlaub | Sumisu
                           Fountains of Wayne | All Kinds Of Time
                      From Monument to Masses | A Sixth Trumpet
                      From Monument to Masses | Comrades and Friends
                      From Monument to Masses | Deafening
                                     The Fray | How To Save A Life
                                    Green Day | Wake Me Up When September Ends
                                 King Crimson | The Court Of The Crimson King
                                      Kutless | All the Words
                               Massive Attack | Teardrop
                                 Maybeshewill | He Films The Clouds
                                       Metric | Grow Up And Blow Away
                                         Moby | In This World
                                         Moby | Natural Blues
                                         Moby | Signs Of Love
                                         Moby | Porcelain
                                         Moby | Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
                                       Mogwai | Travel Is Dangerous
                              Nine Inch Nails | Head Down
                              Nine Inch Nails | Hurt
                              Nine Inch Nails | In This Twilight
                              Nine Inch Nails | Just Like You Imagined
                              Nine Inch Nails | La Mer
                              Nine Inch Nails | Right Where It Belongs
                              Nine Inch Nails | The Day The World Went Away
                              Nine Inch Nails | The Fragile
                              Nine Inch Nails | The Great Below
                              Nine Inch Nails | We're In This Together
                                  The Notwist | Consequence
                                  The Notwist | Day 7
                                  The Notwist | My Faults
                                  The Notwist | One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand
                                  The Notwist | One With The Freaks
                                  The Notwist | Torture Day [Remix]
                                  The Notwist | Torture Day
                                      Placebo | Every You Every Me
                                      Placebo | I Know
                                      Placebo | Slave To The Wage
                                      Placebo | Special K
                                      Placebo | The Bitter End
                                      Placebo | Where Is My Mind [Fight Club Mix]
                                      Polaris | Everywhere
                                    Radiohead | Creep
                                    Rammstein | Mutter
                                    Rammstein | Ohne Dich
                                        Selig | Knockin'on Heaven's Door
                            Silversun Pickups | Melatonin
                            Silversun Pickups | Well Thought Out Twinkles
                            Silversun Pickups | Future Foe Scenarios
                            Silversun Pickups | Lazy Eye
                            Silversun Pickups | Rusted Wheel
                            Silversun Pickups | Three Seed
                                 Simple Minds | Don't You (Forget About Me)
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | 1979
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Age Of Innocence
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Apples + Oranjes
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Ava Adore
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Disarm
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Mayonaise
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Tear
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | The End Is The Beginning Is The End
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Try, Try, Try
                        The Smashing Pumpkins | Tonight, Tonight
                            Stabbing Westward | Everything I Touch
                            Stabbing Westward | So Far Away [acoustic]
                            Stabbing Westward | Sometimes It Hurts
                            Stabbing Westward | Wasted [acoustic]
                             System of a Down | Spiders
                                      Tanzwut | Niemals Ohne Dich
       Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + START | Comfort Me, I've Lost My Heart
                                         Vito | Alone
                                         Vito | Begging
                                         Vito | Leave It All Behind