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so, this will be a Recommendation AND a Review at once.
is that so? ’cause the game is far away from being “perfect” and i have
to state both the most positive and negative aspects of it to let you
fully understand why i recommend it and what you although have to be
reminded of BEFORE playing it…

to forestall the most important bad facts first:
to many believes the game does NOT have a play-time of about 100 hours.
i myself needed about 25~30 hours to nearly reach the 100%. the story
only shouldn’t take more than a few hours.
and the gameplay itself –
regarding the quests – is EXTREMLY monotone! you won’t get much
alternation while playing. there are some kinds of missions you have to
solve here and there – and they keep repeating till the game’s over.
so far with the most negative aspects of AC.

so why do i recommend it to you?

because besides Portal it’s the most innovative game for the last 5 years!

well, at first it plays like a creepy mixture of the Prince of Persia and the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but it’s quite more.
graphics have astonishing cool effects (and god know’s i’m not easy to
catch with good graphics). the shadow-effects are so damn real and the
whole STYLE of the game is just great. typographically as well as with
the color-shemes.but most innovative is the way the character moves:
imagine the Prince of Persia would do all his tricks in a REALLY
SMOOOOOTH way with just a pressed right mouse button and pressed space.
take away his inhuman moves, like the 10-meter-wallride, and add some
quicker reactions and you have Altaïr, the protagonist of AC.

this is not a usual third-person-action-thingie, but it’s a Parcours-Stealth-Ninja-GTA, without cars, playing in the ancient orient!

and running the roofs of the 3 cities (see: GTASA *g*) is the most fun
in the game. climbing up 50 meter tall building and jumping off of
them. stealth-assassinate archers from behind. riding through the
desert on a horse as fast as a Bullet (TM).
that’s quite the whole game and worth playing the monotone quests, really!

some small facts stated at last: the game’s made by Ubisoft Montreal,
that’s why it looks like a new game of the Prince of Persia franchise.
Altaïr does even share some moves EXACTLY taken from the prince.
and the story is extremly great. extensive and deep. you might first
inform yourself about the evangelical crusade back then ; )

the case you want game: try to search for the “repack reloaded” version
with many RAR-files – the release from april 8th. do NOT download the
torrent with just a 6gig ISO and a NFO file. that one is a currupted

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