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well, that’s what i’m playing right now, BioShock.
it startet
as a quite normal survival-shooter with a stiffy gameplay and a lag of
innovation, but after some hours it turned out to be an extensive and
fascinating masterpiece!!

right at the beginning you have
nothing more a pistol and a wrench with some ammunition, as every
survival-game starts, but the role-playing-elements are far more
extensive than the game suggests you at the beginning. after some hours
you relaize that the game contains so much shit it’s getting somehow

– (genetic) body upgrades (alike Tron 2.0 or Deus Ex)
– plasmids (hard to explain… it’s like genetic weapons O_o)
– hacking (yeah, hack turrets and security-cams, groovy)
– stealth (somehow, if you want – depends on your upgrades)
– saving ammunition (Silent Hill-like)
– doing researches (via shooting photographs of the enemies!)

and the game features many game-play-like things you might already know from System Shock (yeah, it’s from the same guys).

the story is astonishing great, really. somehow flattened at the
beginning, but with continuing story it’s getter deeper and deeper,
with plot twists and shit!
and not like it’s over after 6~7 hours,
nope! i’m just now at… maybe hour 10 or so, and may just passed half
through the game (again it reminds me of Deus Ex).

it’s athmosphere is really dark and the creepy elements are really
good. i don’t want to spoil you so you just have to believe me with
this ; )

the whole style is cool made, like a
retro-dystopia-world in the early 50s, but with sci-fi-elements. the
story-background and the dystopia of “The Rapture” reminds me of the
universe of Brave New World. but just some miles under ground in the atlantic… wtf

well, to come to an end:
is a stylish survival-rpg-ego-shooter with a cool storyline and weird
spooky things to explore and so full of stuff it’s confusing and
astonishing at the same time.
if you get past the first few hours
to get known to it’s features and get used to the stiffy controls
you’ll like this as hell. really.

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