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cool, it looks like i’ll gonna be able to document a show of one of my
all-time-favorite bands ever: FROM MONUMENT TO MASSES

it will be on the 5th of november, they are playing in Liège, belgium, at LA ZONE [link]

if you don’t know the greatest Post-Rock band of the world yet, go hear some works of them at their MySpace profile [link]

band page: [link]

A. ARMADA [link] will also play this evening and i was asked to also take photos of them. sure, why not.

i have no fucking clue how this whole thing will gonna look like and
what exactly i’ll document and what will spawn off this project. but it
will surely be pretty cool ; )

also i invite you to come along to that show, if you can!

the show starts at 20:30h
access costs 6€
Rue Méan, 27
B-4020 Liège

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