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An analysis

so, finally i’m making my review on the new NIN album. more a whole analysis this time, not only a review.

(btw: i’ll try to scale down the quantity of my NIN-related blog posts in the future, rly…)

well, how should i begin…
of all i have to admit it’s the worst NIN album so far – but it’s great
nethertheless!! those are the words of a real fan, so you should give a
shit about them.
why sould i say that? because i have the feeling
that caused to this immense mass of works they did throughout the last
year the quality should have to fall off a bit. either this or they
have finally found their “style”, which i don’t hope!

the songs
are the most repetitive NIN songs ever – speaking of the REAL songs…
but well, let’s have a song-by-song analysis to better understand this

1. 999,999
it’s just an intro… so far so good ; )

2. 1,000,000
3. Letting You
4. Discipline
5. Echoplex
are the quintessence of the new album. they sound more alike to each
other, than we are familiar with of NIN album songs. they’re noisy, a
touch experimental (immo too less experimental), and quite what NIN
sounds like today (see Year Zero – that’s the sound!). BUT as mentioned
above they’re kinda repetitive. and i don’t mean those annoying echo
effects (yeah, i never liked such effects in musik), but more the whole
sheme. they arn’t so “deep” as NIN song where i.e. to the end of the
90s. nothing really special about them… quite good, but not special.
the kind of song you can memorize completely after hearing to them 2~3
times… a characteristica i know from pop songs off the charts : /

6. Head Down
it’s like the 4 leaded songs, but with more SADNESS in in… nothing
special here too, but i like this song the most from that The Slip

7. Lights in the Sky
what do we have here? a piano song accompanied to Reznors singing only.
yeah, sounds great, but was it such a good idea to put this song RIGHT
after ‘Head Down’?? but it gets more annoying…

8. Corona Radiata
eh… background music. yes, sounds good – reminds me of the Quake
soundtracks! but we just had a 3,5 minute piano song and now this
7,5min ambient thingie… i don’t know… noshes on my endurance ; p

9. The Four of Us are Dying
this would be AT THE VERY LATEST were the album should finally have
changed to it’s quintessence-sounds or at least something not so
‘easyful’ as the last few songs… BUT it’s again an instrumental song.
alike the ones from Ghosts I-IV. why is that so?!
up to this point
we had 15,5 minutes that are just not alike the first 20 minutes of
that song. that’s quite a lot time as they could have also mixed the
songs a bit… but even in that way it could be okay, if the album
wouldn’t go THAT way in the following:

10. Demon Seed
that’s the last song!
has the same essense as song 2.-5. has – so it’s quite good – , but
it’s just one song! i just listened more than 15 minutes of songs that
don’t ROCK. than this one, and that’s all… stupid thing.

songs? it’s the SMALLEST NIN album since Broken! but Broken was at
least powerfull from the beginning up to the end and not having this
BIG black whole of “intermissions”… and The Slip is just 40minutes
long due to this 7,5minute long background-music-thing…

here’s an abstraction of the content:

1. intro
6. SONG (sad)
7. piano & voice
8. background (quake)
9. instrumental (ghosts)
10. SONG

i think this sheme shows right good what’s not okay with this album.
they should have REALLY mixed up the album a bit better.
and i hope the next one will not be as easyful, superficial and non-deep as The Slip is.
it’s good, but not special – that sums it up quite well, i think.

Mr. Reznor: plz try to more focus on the quality of your works, not the
quantity! 2 albums in 2 months is great, but not necessary if it
affects the quality in a bad way.

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