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about my newest project, which i released today

so, first of all: no, i will not reveal how i did those pictures and what it is you are looking at. second: no, it’s NOT fire. third: stop asking that kind of questions.

this project has a quite undefined and blurry history behind it. it basically sort of “spawned” from another project i was working on.
so it happened that i did this cool series of photos, which had a well thought-out structured theme. they were about moods and what happens when a person, out of psychological problems, starts to brutally switch between all those moods by accident – and with it come all the emotions those moods derive. i called this project after one of my favorite Stabbing Westward songs, which there is “Violent Mood Swings“. because that basically was what the project was all about, plus the sound of the song perfectly fitted to the pictures. great so far.

the images made themself really easily, because i knew what i wanted. but i couldn’t really build up a good presentation form to it. should it only be a series of images? or do i create another booklet? and if so, how do i layout it? and so on.
i experimented a lot with it, and while doing so i realised that some of the pictures from that series stood out from the others. some had a rather ‘warm’ feeling to it. they were the best pictures i created for it, but they were so akin to another that it conflicted with the series’ concept… so i came up with the idea of splitting it into two different projects.

one of them is what you see right now: falls apart
i thought that to listen them in a fixed order gives them quite a good and fitting charme of a complete artsy project. still i thought it to be rather “empty”, and so tried to find a song to accompany the series in order to let the images speak for themself, giving them more depth. that it turned out to be ANOTHER song from Stabbing Westward is more of an accident, than intention.
i found this new series the be a good expression of something that collapses or breaks down, as if it epxloded or burned down by a fire. i think many agree with me there, as most seem to see a fire in those pictures.
Falls Apart” seemed to be exactly the kind of song that transported this associations with it. the topic is quite simple and somehow even classy. it’s about lonelyness and the incapability of dealing with it. being left behind from others, and so on. that’s what i saw in those images and the song does quite well speak for it. plus it had the same aggressive, but yet passive dynamic. amazing.

finding a good form of presentation for it was the hardest part. i spend DAYS thinking about how to present this project, especially with a good method of combining it with the song lyrics.
i did NOT want to disturb the image clarity with any text or anything alike. the lyrics should stand for their own, but not interfere with the visuals. when uploading the images somewhere i could simply add one line of text into the comment/description. but for a compact presentation, like a downloadable PDF, this wasn’t as simple.
i ended up breaking the perfect square base format and adding 2cm of black stripe under the pictures, with one line of text written in dark grey on it. barely visible and interfering with the pictures the less possible. (at least from my point of view.)

so, each of the 8 pictures (not counting the title picture) comes with one line of text to it. but yet i did not intent to fixate the specific line to the specific picture it comes with. it’s the bigger concept that counts: the image order and the order of the text is important. it is what gives the project its ’rounded feeling’. it has a start and an end and it’s clearly finished. the title picture and the last picture look at most the same of all the pictures. all the pictures alternate in their appearance mostly at the same intensity. the text, read in the right order, gives the reader/watcher the most best possible hint of the projects content. any other order would destroy some of it’s meaning. and the text ends with the title of the project: falls apart. giving the watcher a sense of “ah-ha!”, like he could have understood it by then, and also giving him the feeling that this should have been the last sentence and the last picture, which turns out to be true if he tries to continue.

the other project turned out to become the new issue of my Deconstructed series.
leaving out the main graphic quality of the project not only took its best strengh, but also a big lose in quantity. i had not enough images left to make it a project of decent quality.
but i remembered that the last issue of Deconstructed was already more than one year old (since my Dr. Steel grunge booklet, which should have been the third issue, was cancelled due to disinterest from my side). and also there were some other minor cancelled projects and unreleased works by me. so, why not, i could also turn this into the new Deconstructed.
and that is what i work on right now. i hope nothing gets in my way again, but as i already have more than enough material to make a complete and decent new issue, i am certainly sure that i can release it by the middle or end of next month. so stay tuned ; )

you can download the falls apart mini visual booklet at DoctrineDesigns.de by clicking on the following link: http://doctrinedesigns.de/downloads#falls-apart
or if you don’t like to visit my page or download a stupid PDF file, please yourself and visit the folder for that project from my deviantART gallery by clicking the following link: http://doctrinedesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/#falls-apart

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