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it’s quite some time since i saw this one in german television. sadly only
the first two of four seasons got aired, because this series just kicks
ass! after nearly 10 years i forced myself to download every season
and watch them in a row. and wow, did i forgot how awesome it REALLY

let me explain you why LEXX is one of the best tv series
of the world. i assume that you never ever heard of it, what usually is
the case. and that’s also the reason why it’s hard for me to explain it
in a few words… yeah, it’s damn hard to describe at all. maybe the
best way to do so is do describe why i can’t describe it ;)
so, let’s get it on:

LEXX is a sci-fi comedy series, sort of. it sticks out of the pool of sci-fi
series, such as Stargate SG1, Andromeda and others for several reasons.

first of all it’s is most notably to state that it does not follow any
common used series pattern – not in case of storyline, story scheme,
narrative style and so on. you simply don’t know what to expect. and
every minute can reveal a serious story twist.
the first seasons is
consisting of 4 movies (a typical mini series). the second a typical
periodic series style, much alike Stargate. the third suddenly changes
to a linear style, consisting of ONE long story, to happen all on the
same planet (wtf). and the fourthd… well, sort of a combination of
the second and third season…
• second: it doesn’t even TRY to take moral position to transfer to the
audience. there isn’t even a scheme for “good” or “bad”. every
character does have his own reasons for his actions and don’t really
fit into anything. and they actual CHANGE, not though a specific
pattern we know from other serieses. like when a main character is cold
and repellent at the beginning, he surely will be carying and
warmhearted after some seasons. LEXX doesn’t do that. characters evolve
from the happenings and without any specific direction.
• third: it doesn’t have any typical “rules” of what they may show and what not.
you see a kid, well he may die in the next 10 minutes. or after 3 episodes. so what can you expect if you don’t know the rules?
every series does have a pattern and after some episodes or seasons you
surely can imagine what happens next. in LEXX this just isn’t possible.
cool ;)

so basicaly we are talking about a completely chaotic series, without any
particular sense or direction. things that happen are random and
spontaniously, and that’s fun to watch because it does never get boring.
the writers/creators don’t care about anything. whoops, the universe collapsed. who cares? we still have another one.

the style of the series is something different, too. in general it’s very
dark and cheesey. like in a bad, cheap b-movie. but with all this
randomness and “insectious” ressembles it all becames a style for its
own. a complete individual style.

let me give you a glimpse of the story, that may give you a good expression
what the series is all about. and you will see why you can’t expect
the main character, Stanley H. Tweedle, a security guard
class 4, had special coordinates in his teeth that lead to the
destruction of nearly 100 reform planets of the Devine Order.
Zev (later Xev) is a love slave who grew up in a box. during her
transformation to a love slave an accident leads her to become half
Cluster Lizard. (later she sorta becomes half plant (?)).
her libido instead got somehow transfer to 790, a beheaded robot guard from the
Cluster. yeah, it’s just a robot head that fell in love with Xev.
Kai, last of the Brunen G, got killed by His Devine Shadow, leader of the
Devine Order, and transformed one of the private assassin of His
Shadow. he killed thousands and thousands of people for His Shadow.
yeah, an undead assassin! awesome.
the Lexx is a large insect…
“Manhattan-sized”. yeah, really. some sort it was build for His Shadow,
so that he could destroy planets like he wishes to (don’t ask why). and
it’s really dumb XD
the 4 main characters somehow got to flew from
the Cluster on the Lexx, with Stan as the Lexx’ new captain. and that’s
when the series really begins *g*

the story later contains stuff like a dozens of singing brains, uncountable flying robot arms that
reproduce themself by destroying the universe, speaking suns, heaven
and hell, and the craziest shit ever to be viewed on screen.
cyber erotica is a big theme that appears every now and then (where do you
get something like that in free tv?!?!). sexuality itself is a drift
that moves most of the characters to do the next step so that the story
evolves. like in real life ; )

so, to come to an end:
LEXX is hilarious cool and every sci-fi fan should watch it. and everybody else, too. just because it’s SO UNIQUE.
it drops out in every point of view and it’s just not able to get boring.
it’s unique style may confuse easily, but that’s a major point for watching it.
so get it, while it’s hot. in another 10 years you won’t be able to get in anywhere.

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