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i am a big fan of drama tv series, movies, and such. especially tv series. (right here i’d like to shortly point out that the plural of series is ‘series’, so don’t be confused – if i use this word in this post it’s probably meant as plural.)
and as i love to do toplists, why not tell you why i love drama series, which specific series i love and why i love ’em. (and: spoiler-free!)

so, i am a softy. wait, you already knew that? meh.
well, i don’t have anything against showing emotions. it’s a good thing, imho. especially if you’re, like, manly and stuff, it takes BALLS to show good emotions, right? yeah, crying is manly XD
the good thing about a good drama is that it puts you, the viewer, into a state of feelings that you probably haven’t felt, because you haven’t have been in the same situation. and that is already why i love dramas so much. it teaches you about situations without getting you involved. you get frustrated or sad, but without any consequences. and it shows you options on how to deal with stuff. either for situations you MAY be in, too, at some later point in life, or with situations are currently in. dramas help you deal with problems. but only if you let it do its work. you have to let the drama touch you, on an emotional basis. then you will learn for life.

also, i don’t think that there is much of a difference to other stuff that pulls out emotions, like rollercoasters give you excitement, sex gives you satisfaction, jokes gave you laughter, and so on. dramas give you melancholy and such. no big deal. especially since it’s all a temporary thing, so why give a fuck about letting it touch you.

anyway, let’s cut to the case.
have you noticed that the 90s gave us a shitload of awesome cartoons, but the 2000s did not? well, but the 2000s spawned the genre of episodical drama tv series! the 90s had a fresh start with some really interesting sitcoms (for example) with a surprisingly great touch of drama. like Caroline in the City or Mad About You. they sure are NO drama series per se, but the drama elements are there. and when you think about it, stuff like that spawned first the dramedy genre, which had series like Scrubs or Ally McBeal, which later in the 2000s finally spawned the big wave of good tv drama series.
(honorable mention at this point: Gilmore Girls. for ME PERSONALLY it’s not a drama series, because the drama itself isn’t worth shit.  it IS commonly known as “drama”, and it’s one of my all-time-favorites, so i just have to mention it. but sorry, the drama is just too shallow for this list. the comedy is really good, though ; )

well, i could add some other drama series which are arguable, but which had an undeniable vast amount of drama elements in it, like anime series like Neon Genesis Evangelion or She, The Ultimate Weapon. But those are not commonly known for that genre, so i will not list stuff like this here, sorry.


well, i am very new to this series, i am still only at episode 5, that is why it’s only on the last place, but so far i really like it. it’s the setting of a post-zombiecalypse combined with real dramaturgical human conflicts that got me. each one of those elements aren’t any new or anything, but the combination of both is really innovative. i do not know if the comic, from which this series is spawned off, is anything like it. maybe i should give it a try.
nothing more to say about it. yet.


i am also quite new to this one, am only in episode 9 or so…
i only started to watch it, ’cause it was the favorite series of my brother. i was kinda afraid first that it offered too great of a focus on the main character (shows with the title character as the shows title usually do that), but luckily enough it’s not that much of a problem. the focus clearly is on the main char, but they do not forget about each of the supporting cast. i prefer my dramas to be about a greater group of people, with no clarification about who the main character of the show is, or at least having more than one main character. but Dexter succeeds nethertheless, and that is great.
i like the subtle dark humor of this series, and that the main character basically is evil, or something. well, a serial killer as the major focus of a show was the kinda edge the show evolves around, but they did way too many justification for his behavior, that is sad. i guess they could have gone one or two steps farther with their concept, and i would have liked it even more for their then even more unique series scheme. so, that’s a B from me, plus a thumbs up for trying.


… and yeah, vampire stuff is IN right now, and i SO HATE what has become of my all-time favorite mythological creature. how did we ever come from Nosferatu to Twilight??
it’s a long, sad story, but anyway, here we are. and we should make the best out of it. and True Blood is exactly that. the best out of the shitty mess we’re in right now.
even though it features sparkly, homo-erotic beauties as vampires, like they just jumped out of a dream of a 15yo teenager girl, who is still way to confused about her new, strange feelings she discovered for the other sex, it is awesome. why is that?
well, i could cut that short and tell you: it’s made by Alan Ball. the master of human drama. (more about that on place NUMBER ONE of this list, ha!)
seriously, it’s done really good. it’s only sparkling vampires on the outside. inside it’s a cruel and harmful real-life-oriented world, full of personal misery and all-day-problems. oh, and it also features this shallow kind of love i so hate, because it’s bullshit. but at least later it tries to justify it by explaining more. a film can not do this. it needs the complexity and time only a longer running tv series can offer.


if you are one of my non-german readers, you will NOT know this one. Stromberg is one of the many copies of UK series The Office. and it’s really good.
i don’t know if this is because the source material is to blame, because i never watched it, but i have the complete original show, plus the US remake, here and i should probably see it at some point… well… yeah. i will watch it some time. for Stromberg’s sake.
what i like especially about it is that it’s basically a strange sub genre of dramedy. it is a drama, but it is meant to be funny. and yeah, it succeeds very well with that. dark humor, that makes you feel qualmish just from watching it. kinda like those prank/hidden camera shows, but packed in very well written drama conflicts. nice.


… and that is the kind of series i was waiting for a LONG time. thanks to Rob Sheridan, who pointed this out to me via Twitter.
it features a main character who just goes evil, for the sake of being evil. he is given a good motive for being able to become a drug producer, but no reasons!! okay, he has nothing left to loose because he’s got cancer, and he wants to do a last good thing for his family by earning dirty money, but from a moral point of view it’s something special. because he is well aware of the fact, that he is causing others pain and damage, but he is still doing it and even drags other people with him down. even kids. and that is evil. not like, for example, Dexter – who at least justifies his evil actions with a good cause (=killing only people who deserve to die). and as we already are at this point… i really would have liked to have seen Dexter with the motives of Breaking Bad. just murdering shit for the sake of being an evil dude. Breaking Bad shows how much great drama this whole scenario results to.


this one was a total surprise for me. they SAID this spin-off would go into a completely new direction, but THIS is way more than i expected!
it’s not only a really well made and very deep and logical sci-fi series – more of it, it is an extremely well made drama! in space!!
also a concept i was waiting for, a long time. and seeing it realized feels great. it’s really dark and gives you a hopeless feeling. the main focus is, beside having an awesome sci-fi perspective, on its characters. and also there is no one MAIN character, but all are somehow main characters, in a very well balanced manner. the acting is impossible great, especially Colonel Young and Dr. Rush are portrait so amazingly, it gives me the shivers when the flashbacks at the beginning of the show roll by.
sometimes i wonder why they did not go one step further into the misery by doing this or that evil thing to the characters, and then, two episodes later, they do an similar evil thing – much to my own surprise. and i like that. it is one of those series where you never know what happens next. each character could die next. and they will, somehow.
a shame that it is unwatchable if you missed SG1 and SGA, because it does not explain ANYTHING. you would be hopelessly lost without the original series. given this fact i wonder why they went this way, because was the typical Gater really a demographic for a sci-fi drama series? i can hardly imagine that.


okay, i am cheating here…
this is a  sitcom. a dramedy at best. but hell, do i love it!
if you have ever seen it, you can’t deny it has some very strong drama going on. on a long term it is really amazing. seeing the whole series at once, it has strong character evolvement and a deep, complex storyline. okay, it certainly has some slips here and there, but most of them are not even the fault of the creators (remember the writers strike of 2007? that one was nasty, and not good for the series, i can tell ya). season 7 was weak, and season 9 was a flop. but still, the rest was awesome.
the heart and soul of everyone who was involved in the making of Scrubs were in it. the actors did such a great impact on the series itself, and that is rare. for example there was one episode when Dr. Cox had to deal with the authentic child of a friend. guess what, the actor of Dr. Cox has this episode written – and he HAS an authentic child! how tragic and in a strange way deep is this? this is just one of many examples why this series has a unique edge, that you will not see if you just watch it hasty.


sorry, no real surprise here ^^”

Six Feet Under is AWESOME. it is, simply put, like the perfect drama series. it has just the right balance of main characters (yet again, no main character!), a very unique setting, which gives you realistic but unusual situations, an underlying humorous tone, EXTREMELY great characteristics, EXTREMELY well playing actors, a STRONG script, just the right length and a cinematography that does not leave you with any wishes.
the whole thing is so well staged, i can’t really describe why most of the stuff has made such a great impact on me. even simple shots of the known environment sometimes gave me the shivers, with the lighting and the photography and all… hard to describe, you have to experience it to see for yourself.
the first episode gave the tone. i already had to cry a bid on the first episode, that’s how deep this series is. and it got deeper and deeper and deeper. the characters evolved so logical and realistic, the twists were unexpected and still realistic enough. and it also had this impression that ANYthing could happen, leaving you with an unhealthy feeling of angst throughout the whole thing.
until if finally unloads in the series finale, which i already stated in a previous toplist as my personal saddest moment in the history of fiction. i cried. a lot. so much that i am still not able to re-watch the series (on my own), even if it’s already like 4 years or so that i watched it once.
yeah, that is a good drama. it has to be so deep that it actually traumatized you, leaving you with an inner fear of the series itself. but still, it taught me a lot. tragic happens, and i would not have coped with certain things as well as if i would not have seen it.
Six Feet Under changed my life, and helped me dealing with it. i cannot give any suggestions for advancement of it, hence i think it’s perfect. A+
you have never watched it? then do so. but grab a box of paper tissues and the arm of your partner first, just in case.

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