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new version, new address!


yet the biggest update to the Doctrine Designs homepage, because i changed a LOT!
i hope you don’t remember the old one, because it was packed up with dozens of unneccessary functions. i got a lot of complains, and all were totally justified. so i purged it to its bones and got rid of everything that was annoying.
i’ll cut the chatter and just list the most major changes:

new address. it’s now DoctrineDesings.com! the .de-addres will still be available, but re-direct to the .com-address instead.
no multilingual interface. english is all we need, everybody can read it. even germans. so from now on the site will not be available in german anymore.
no more skins. the prior system was extremely flashy and annoying. having styles to choose from isn’t that special anymore, but different skins has just been too much. no one had an advantage of it, too many people haven’t understood this concept at all and it was confusing as hell. the site is still available in different styles, but they share the same layout now and the user is not forced to choose. it’s more or less hidden in the “other” section, only represented by a couple of colored dots.
more connection to devianART. i got rid of the old gallery and the old portfolio. basically because i did not want to host so many different instances of my works, if i could simply join them as an alternative. i already maintain my dA gallery and portfolio anyways. in the future i want to use the RSS feed output to create an even better (automated) gallery, because now it’s with iframes, what is kinda strange, i admit. but it works well so far.
improved graphics. at least with the main styles, Doctrine + and Doctrine – (like it?)
less menu entries. i merged the information sections, and i merged contact and hire. the news section got completely killed.
new stock. version 2.0 is even lighter and easier to use. right now it has this cool function of scaling with the screensize (up to a maxed value). though it has still lots of glitches in the IE, which i hope to be able to fix in the near future… so far, please just don’t use the IE…
new organized front page. more information, but more compact and better arranged. does now feature the latest deviations and the latest dA journal entries.

i am open to further enhancements based on your opinions and wishes! give me your critique, good, bad or neutral!
i am also open for linking requests. i will link to every other homepage, which i like. just ask me (and if you like, give me your banner)!

please take at least a hasty look at it, and feel free to browse. have fun! ^^

last modified: 2010-Nov-29, 18:41:12
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