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so i totally skipped all the versions i had planned for 4.0 – this version officially never made it though the beta phase. so why are we in version 5 all of sudden you might ask? let me tell you this short story:

i was working on some really nice things for DoctrineDesigns.com, but i came across a few problems that threw me back, like i had no idea on how to include RSS feeds in a good way. i was trying to build my deviantART gallery into the page, and shit like that.
pretty neat stuff, but well…  my webpage always had this edge of trying something new and vast and big. from scrap on i did huge stuff with my page that nobody really wanted, and since than i kinda mostly threw stuff out, rather than to throw stuff in. what a waste of time…

recently i was starting to work on new portfolios for college applications. this year i was going into completely new directions with those, and focusing on presenting series works only. so i gathered all my best works and was working on an online gallery, in order to be able to discuss them with friends.
for this gallery i was mainly orientating on the webpage of Vesa Metsä-Ketelä, who sadly enough has put his webpage offline for now. what i liked about his webpage was for once the simplicity, and for the most reason for how great it presented serial works. this is hard to find online, strangely enough. no big art platform offers a good way to present series. Vesa found a way, so i copied the idea.

turns out this gallery would be so awesome. i loved it instantly, and so did my friends.
so i did something that went completely against all my previous attempts of how my homepage should be like: i basically overwrote the now old page with the new series-subpage, and updated it, of course.

what came out is what i call the version 5.0 of DoctrineDesigns.com
have a look, i think it’s great. totally minimalistic, as much as was possible.
of course i could not forget about all the hundreds of hours i spend on the old version(s), so i left version 4 online. you can still reach it over the old links, and via the footer of version 5.

oh, and i welcome critic.

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last modified: 2011-Feb-19, 15:55:50
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