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ha, let’s start a list of stupid things god has created.

not ordered in any manner, and not really meant seriously. i’ll just write whatever comes into my mind. i hope to get five points in this post. but maybe i will write some more points some other day.

mammals birth
hell, what the hell was god thinking when he decided that most mammals haven to go through THAT?!
labor and vaginal birth and shit, when it isn’t necessary at all. most of the other animals don’t have that, so why do we?
all the pain our females have to go through, the high rate of damage it permanently does to the women, and even the dying rate is quite high – that can’t possibly serve any purpose…

naked men
…because, in general, they most probably look stupid. woot, why you ask?
most people consider a typical example of the human men rather disadvantageous when being displayed naked. sure, no question why. men tend to have a fat belly (it’s in our genes, dudes!), more body hair than acceptable and a figure that mostly is a little bit TOO askew. and that looks stupid from the outside.
i don’t think that applies to all men, of course. but the a great vast of them. not so with women. example: you pick up 100 random women from the street and pick the ugliest. than pick one of a hundred random men by random! undress them both and compare. ask the remaining 198 people if they find them appealing or, let’s say, funny looking – and you will by a very good chance get to the clear outcome that the man isn’t looking admissible.

purpose of life
nah, seriously, why don’t give us humans at least a clue?? nooo, he would just let us be, living our life and not knowing why. we tend to become really naive and pointless and dumb in order to deal with this issue. we arrange religion and become aggressive and selfish, just to obtain the little last remainings of a possible sense in our own existence, that isn’t actually there, so we can defend it as if we know everything, and of course that we are, in fact, the middle of the universe.
hence we start wars and betray and murder and hate. just because god wasn’t in the mood of giving us the way.
one could believe he would at least have the grace to send his minions to earth and tell elected prophets to write it down, or something. but well, can’t get everything, right?

two hands
2 is a stupid number for the quantity of hands. because now we have left-handed and right-handed people. and right hand traffic and left hand traffic. and things can get really confusing when people try to greet each other.
wouldn’t the world be a better world with man having THREE hands? so we would not have to decide for left or right, but take the compromise instead. ha!

ovens without timer
can’t really tell if this is only in germany so, but i grew up in an environment in which it is normal for a microwave to have a timer, which automatically turns off the thing after a previous defined time period, but ovens and cookers and such don’t have one. (yeah, i know there are a lot of them, but they are BY FAR in minority.)
but why is that? i mean, it’s the same freaking think: heat up food until it is hot enough. that’s the point of all of them, and the key to both isn’t actually the intensity of the heat it is giving out, but the time the food is cooking. producers of microwaves do know that, but producers of ovens apparently don’t. they threat that as some sort of “extra”, which the costumer should spend more money on, like the extra cool stereo in your new car. for a small, little thing that should be a selling standard!!

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