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this time i want to talk about this term i made up: “sweet melancholy”

oh well, maybe i am not the first one to come up with this, but at least i don’t know of anyone else. maybe ask my subconsciousness about it… eh, doesn’t matter.
the reason why i think this is important is that i wanted to describe a specific state of mind i often find myself in, but yet i couldn’t find a term for it. i thought about some describing paraphrases and ended up with sweet melancholy

i read a lot about this topic, and yes i am well aware that “melancholy” basically was a very bad thing, originally being a word to describe suicidal persons or people with a deep depression. you know, the real shit. but ever since some interesting artists used their own melancholy for creativity, leading to really dark but yet beautiful poetry and such. with the times many other art forms had this sort of depressive works spawned from everywere, and i think in our connected global world pretty much everybody should have accepted that deep depressions can lead to genious creative artworks.

but that is not the only positive aspect that can resolve from depression. and here comes my point:
as the arts already know, being depressive CAN be a beautiful thing. it opens your mind to completely new thoughts, point of views, experiences and feelings. and don’t tell me you don’t like the sound of that!!
the inner joke about such thinking is that it can lead you to sort-of romantic conditions and surprisingly positive views!

as the poets affirm your are by this able to see beauty in things that you would have never seeked for.
and even more logical is that the deeper your condition, the more worse you state of mind gets – the more positive aspects do even bad things get, that occured to you, relatively spoken. meaning that the things which brought you down in the first place become desirable, if the situation gets worse. over all this is a suprisingly positive effect which does not really make you feel better or solves anything. if you got a death wish and suddenly become feelings of sweet melancholy that doesn’t mean you loose your death wish. it just lets you bear the pain a lot better by shifting your mind into something very in-human.

things get meaningless and reality gets dull. what comes among you is a deep feeling of sobriety. you feel unconcerned and neutral. you start to “enjoy” your condition when you realize the foolishness of your suroundings, how purposeless every problem actually is. your become more significant. and that’s the point when sweet melancholy starts.
your focus is on other things, only details, no major things. you’re in touch with yourself and things are becoming peacefully. letting loose of the ‘reality’ due to realisation of the impossible chance of ever comprehending it.

and yes, it is an amazing experience.
for example your are more able of controlling your physical senses, strange enough. closing your eyes and feeling the sound an touch of what is on your mind, that is really cool.
no anger fullfills you, as you don’t know anymore what would this be for, and that is giving you a dead-like peace. imagine the tai-chi not in black and white, but in grey and grey. it’s THAT peaceful.

the romantic aspect of being melancholic is the best. i can’t really describe it, but melancholic people seem to be great, yet strange unusual gentleman. maybe this is because your mind stays focussed on things that no one else sees, and showing others these things is simply interpreted as ‘romantic’.
for me the most romantic thing you can realise is that there is no reason for hate, anger and selfishness. hence being able to love everything and everybody, not carrying about the bad things those implicate.

and at the same time being able to have a grudge against pure existence itself and humankind and everything that shouldn’t be, that is no antagonism.

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