This is my, Steffen Seth Prohn, philosophical blog.

Here I post small essays and aphorisms about thoughts I have that I cannot currently entertain in a scientific manner, but still want to put out there for them to allow them to exist in the physical world.
Tho I claim no scientific accuracy to my arguments and claims, I fully know them to be true in a sense or at least worthy of a thought to have, with at least some liability to be of value and possibly truth. At some point I’d like every aphorism to be the basis for some greater work of science, to be explored further and proven valid – if not by me personally, than at least by someone else; hence I choose to post them online.

This blog is written primary in English, despite this not being my first language. I will reserve the option to write some of my posts in German, in case it’s either too difficult for me to express this thoughts I have in English or the subject matter is specifically about the German language.

I think the idea to have greater philosophical arguments cut short into blog posts is akin to the aphorisms of former philosophers, such as Nietzsche, Descartes, or Wittgenstein, who choose a similar kind of medium, merely to get their thoughts out and ordered, before the thinker died and the thoughts went to waste. Wittgenstein for example always wanted to have his aphorisms put into proper scientific examination but never got around to it, so he decided to publish them in bound form. I intend to do the same, but according to todays modern forms of publications as a blog instead.
Worst case, no one ever discovers the genius behind at least some of my writings and I never came to do anything else with them beside briefly paraphrasing them hastily on this blog, and nothing comes from it – wasted time, but no one got hurt. Best case scenario, I later enhanced on some of my idea presented here, got other people interested, gravely shaped the world of philosophy anew, and one could come back to this blog for future analysis.