What we do

honestly, i am too important for all of this. paying rent, going to work, having to worry about retirement, doing the taxes, filling out forms for the bank, and all the things we do. but, hear me out:

what saddens me the most in life is probably all the, eeeeh, “achievements” of life that everyone just seems to take for granted. it is presented to them as normal, hence they proceed as if they were. even tho it doesn’t need a landslide of thoughts to notice how involuntarily arbitrary the things are that make up like 90% of our whole lives, still we all go on as if this wasn’t the biggest issue of all. but it is.

it’s unnatural and a pure result of fiction, that we have to occupy us with trivial things, like running after our money so we can pay the debts we never asked for, so we don’t end up in jail. it is so fucked up that we are just born into this system and have no say in those things. after all, we’re just some animals in nature, with no purpose anyway! oh, that’s probably the worst thing about it: we do NOT have a purpose, yet we force ourselfs in things that appear to be purposeful. the other apes don’t waste their lives by running after fictional debts and meaningless goals. i am so jealous of them.

when i think of the things my co-humans strife for, it baffles me how in the greater scheme of things they don’t matter, and YET they proceed with their endeavures. like, having a great job that pays well, having build a nice cool house for themselfs, a family, kids, a dog and a cat, mastered a specific skill, payed off their student’s debts, and so on. i am not saying those things are bad or not worth pursuing – i am just pointing out they are meaningless after all, so they should be optional, not mandatory!
and YET the society i was randomly born into made those goals for me mandatory! i have not choice but to try my hardest and waste most of my life into fulfilling those things. i may not have to buy a house and have a family, but as long as i live i will have to pay for a place to live in, i will have to work in order get the money to pay for those things, i will have to monetise my skills so i can find work, and so on. my life is just filled to the brim with things i was forced upon. most people don’t seem to mind filling out their taxes once a year, but this kinda activity reminds me of the meaningless FORCED LABOR i am doing at the moment, in return filling ME up with regrets, anxiety, remorse, angst, existential dread, and a hatred for every single being enabling this system (so, basically everyone). when i was the most suicidal, it was this state of things that were the most pulling the string around my neck, so to speak. it is barely endurable to me. it’s a life being a slave, a slave for no one.

so yeah, as a human being, YOU TOO are TOO IMPORTANT for this.
we all are beings that had no choice but to be born into this random, temporary state of affairs, but as such we deserve not being enslaved and forced to waste our lives for absolutely nothing. as far as i am concerned we have created basic human rights, that tell me this should not even be possible. being enslaved is sort of a big no-go for human rights, so why should everyone just go along with it?

i urge you too to rebel against this as much as possible. keep in mind, everything you feel you have to do is a symptom of you being enslaved by a faceless society of brainless cowards.
fuck all of this.

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